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I am often asked what separates me from other trainers and I want say so many things but it is not always easy to put in words. I realize over the years that the clients that I tend to work well with are the ones that need Candor. For all the years of my life that I can remember I have never been shy to tell someone what I am thinking. Sometimes it is a guess, sometimes a hunch and often it is something I recognize through observing patterned behavior. As a personal trainer clients reach out to us because they generally want to get in better shape. This usually looks like weight loss and tone to them but is so much deeper. I believe that any trainer can give you the tools with movement and nutrition to reach the desired goal. When I say good trainer I am talking about those who have walked the walk, continually study the body, continually learn about nutrition and more. Many of these trainers are successful and get clients to the goal because they push and demand things from the client and they get results. The results lead to trust and confidence. I feel that I am one of those trainers. However, I also believe there is so much more………

The clients that I have had the highest success rate with are the ones where through fitness as a platform I was able to get them to see life from a new perspective. The A-type work well with the trainer described above but what about those clients that struggle with self-sabotage, cyclical behaviors, body image, deeply rooted fears, ingrained beliefs that create barriers to success. I believe that I help individuals overcome their self-imposed mental limitations of their physical capabilities. I believe that I help break down emotional and psychological barriers outside of fitness. Fitness is only one area of life and I believe that I could simply train people but I feel you deserve more. I try to break down barriers that influence emotional, spiritual, financial, business, and parenting behaviors. Through fitness we can learn so much about ourselves and it can give us insight to other areas that we need to improve. Often we are using fitness as an escape from other more pressing concerns that we are uncertain to deal with.  I am not training to minimize my value as a trainer but I have always believed that I was and am a “mental mind coach for your body.” I believe that anyone can deliver a kick but workout but few can actually have you leaving a session excited about what’s outside. I challenge each and every one of my clients as well as myself to learn what a healthy balance looks like. I challenge clients to destroy the images they have created in their head of what it is all supposed to look like and discover what it can be.

If you are looking for a trainer and feel that you need more than a program and a nutrition plan. You need someone to walk shoulder to shoulder with you in learning to be healthy emotionally, physically and mentally than let’s set some time to talk. I have clients that train, clients who do mobility sessions and I even have clients that we walk and work on personal development. A third party to help you organize your thoughts while moving at the same time.

Mathew Freeman of Mathew Freeman Fitness

“your 1 rep better than you think you are.”

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