Who knew carrots could be evil?

Did you know that carrots could be evil? Yes it’s true that can be the end of the beginning. They can be the very thing that provides a little excitement and at the same time kill you softly. I know what you are picturing right now. A group of carrots with machine guns and daggers in full military equipment on the attack. You laugh at the sight but then realize they have some pretty powerful weapons. Not only are these carrots carrying heavy artillery they are armed with the most dangerous weapons of them all. Yes, the carrots carry HOPE and PROMISE. They carry CHANGE and OPPORTUNITY. They carry your hearts DESIRES and WANTS. They look and feel a lot like the DESTINATION you have dreamed about. Carrots absolutely can be evil when they are the “dangling” kind.

As you may have realized at this point I am not talking about your usual run of the mill carrots. I am not talking about the kind that we like to eat or see in the bunnies cage. I am talking about those times in life that you are headed in a great direction and POOF out of nowhere the carrot distracts you. The carrot is an opportunity, change, desire, want, promise or sometimes its simply hope of something new and different. I feel like it is the devils tool because I feel that it consists of a lot of truth. It consists of a lot of what you want to hear and feel but inside it may be hollow. EMPTY promises. It may be void of action or substance. There have been a few times in my life where a carrot has lead me astray. I’m thinking I’m on a carrot path now.

Like real life these carrots come in multiple colors. They are an assortment and variety and different for every individual. The current battle that I fight with the carrots is the one of HOPE. For years I had pushed my emotions deep into a vault ad locked them away. I learned to live in my new reality. I learn to understand that things have changed, opportunity had passed and I failed to be correctly prepared. I chalked it up as a life experience and chose to work on bettering myself for the day the opportunity arose in my life again. I chose to “fix” all the areas I was broken and “hide” all the defects tat must have been there. I even went as far as blaming myself for everything because then I could fix more, learn more and be better. I was doing pretty well I think. I mean until the carrot came up and offered hope. The carrot explained that not everything that I thought was bad was terrible. That there was good in the person I found bad. This was scary and exciting at the same time. You see if I was not terrible than maybe some of the stuff that I suppressed away and maybe some of who I was becoming could be redrawn. Anyway, I don’t want to get too far into a tangent. The carrot offered hope and I began to follow that carrot. As I followed I was little by little straying off the path I was on. I think that was a good path but I’m no longer there so I do not know. At the same time the carrot somehow slips out of my sight. Picture this in your head. You begin to follow a carrot. At first its new and exciting and run quickly. As time rolls on the carrot gains distance and does not seem to be waiting for you or even aware you may have followed. So you begin to look back toward another road. Every time you look back you lose a little more distance. You then HALT. You stop where your at looking in both directions. Hearing only faint noises from either path confused and uncertain. Walking in either direction at this point lends to the idea you have to let the other go. You know thats not right and stand indecisive.

The carrots that are all over. Promises of a greater income in merely days. Never work again. Make money from the couch while eating Cheetos all day. Lose all your fat by wearing a band and drinking a shake. Carrots. Filled with truth but also very hollow. Where I find that many of us get stuck is we follow these carrots. Fast in the beginning and then slower and slower over time. We follow them because we know there is more to our lives but we grow impatient with the process. We know and want something to be different. Along the path though the carrot does not turn out the results we hoped for. Is it the carrots fault? I don’t think so entirely. I know at times the carrot should sit back and be sure before they proceed but then again who is ever sure. Its easy to get lost in a land of carrots. Its easy to get lost amongst the forest wondering if the purple, the orange or the yellow is the direction you should be going. All the while you sit. You sit in the same place you were before. Sitting in the land of indecision. The land that requires you to let go. The land that whispers “Let go and Let God.” All the while we whisper back I know but not yet. I am not ready to let go. I just have to hold on. I could never forgive myself if I walked away……………….