Which duck are you?

I am at the park and the ducks are all about. They are eager to get a little of the bread and the food that we have for them. They are waiting anxiously for the treat. All day they have been doing work waiting for the reward and now it is here. It is right before their eyes and they are ready to pounce. There are two of the ducks that stand out from the rest of the ducks so I turn my attention to them.

The duck on the right – The duck on the right is flapping his wings amongst the commotion. He is making a big scene. Everyone and everything can see the reaction that the duck is making. Quite frankly it is a little scary because the movements and the actions are a little unpredictable. The mouth is quacking the wings are flapping and the feet are peddling like crazy. The water around the duck is rippling like crazy and  cloudy from all the dirt that is stirring from the bottom. The duck is panicked and not dealing well with all the commotion, change, anticipation and demands of the audience.

The duck on the left – The duck on the left really grabs my attention because it is calm and patient. While intently watching what is going on and surveying the situation it waits patiently. The duck is so calm it almost feels as though it is not alive, maybe asleep? The wings are posted against the sides and the mouth is shut. The water around the duck is calm and clear. You can see beneath the water that the ducks feet are paddling fast but in a calm and distinct rhythm. The demands of the audience appear not to phase the duck, the situation although not ideal does not seem to bother him and anticipation and change is being met in stride.

The Facts – Obviously the ducks are an analogy of how we deal with stressful situations in out life. How we handle the pressure. I have been both ducks. Both have their challenges but one is distinctly more joyful than the other. When we allow the anxiety and commotion to ruffle our feathers we lack clarity. We cannot survey the situation with a clear mind and make the right move. We are so busy reacting and acting that we make sudden decisions and jump at everything. The first duck moves at the first piece of bread that is thrown. The duck on the left waits and moves strategically to where the others are not. He makes it to the pieces of bread that have no competition. He surveyed the situation let others make their move and counter struck.

Times get tough period – So I leave you with a challenge today. I ask that you look back at the situations that you have encountered over the years and evaluate which duck you were and which duck you want to become. Remember that when the commotion happens there is a lot of extra stuff to sort through to see the real situation. Remain calm in the commotion and embrace the commotion as opportunity rather than adversity.

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