When your dreams seem absent.

Hey it is a new year and people are off and running in some direction. I think that there is a vast majority just running for the sake of running. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Im a health enthusiast so I see it all the time. The thought is I need to get in shape so I better start running. Join the flip side with our careers we often do the same. I need to make more money or I would like to make more money I better work harder, more often and maybe even charge more. In light of the new year we are seeing all kind of posts on social media sites and many are the “follow your dreams,” “life is too short to not do what you love,” ” Im so lucky to be living my dream” and so on and so forth. This led me to begin thinking about my own dreams. You see I used to dream every day about being a football coach and teaching PE. Then the world got to me, I tasted making a lot of money and I ended up married and divorced with children blah blah blah. I am not at all angry at where I am today. In fact I believe that it is a blessing and I believe that I am blessed beyond measure. However, I do wonder where my dreams have gone?

Has it ever happened to you? Yes, the loss of dreams. I am not saying that I do not dream at all. I have them and in them I cannot run fast at all, I often am failing at something or something odd, weird and unbelievable is occurring. I used to have vivid visions of what I felt like I was to be doing in life. It used to be so clear to me. Now all I seem to see super clear is that I want to be the very best father I can be to my children. I want to get better in the gym and more than anything I want people to smile for having come in contact with me. I want to share happiness with the world. I want to be that person that chooses happiness, is selfless, giving, encouraging and is a connector at all times. I want to feel as though I am impacting people in a positive way. In order to accomplish this I have to let go of the last line. I need to love myself so much that it does not matter if anyone ever notices a single kind gesture. I do them simply because I want to do them. I do not announce them for the world to hear I solely want the world to feel it. I am clear on this but I get lost it seems when so many others talk about living their dreams, following their passions, and living life while tying it to career pursuits.

I think that is the rub. If there is something that I was gifted to do in my eyes it is too offer third party unbiased perspective on things for individuals. To encourage others to see their situation from every angle. I am very vulnerable and have no problem being very open and I think this lends people to feel comfortable sharing. I have also had an abundance of life experience so I have a lot of insight. This looks like a coach and I feel that is what I do life coach. I do not have a system for it, I am not fancy about it I simply treat people like people and love to share when I can. I know that I need to build some credibility and I know that I need to get some (professional accreditation) to really take it to another but that is not how I work best. Im very informal and I go by instinct. To follow a book or something simply seems to diminish the gift I was given. So I digress. The purpose of this post was to talk about my missing dreams. I guess I just really struggle to understand why it seems so many people know exactly where they are going in life and I feel as though I am a dreamless man. I am disciplined not afraid to work but also very simple. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to simply be and trust that in his timing, provided I do the work he will let me know what Im supposed to do.