What we tolerate we encourage

A friend of mine wince said to us all, “what we tolerate we encourage.” I always love that saying and in many ways made it work for me. However, I think in some places I tend to tolerate too much. I don’t think I tolerate certain behaviors for any other reason that’s my insecurities. I think that in some areas I am afraid that if I ask something of someone they may just think I’m not worth it. Have you ever felt that way? Recently, I have been very upset with myself on how I handle cancellations. I am a father of three and very sympathetic to last minute children changes. However I also know that I schedule things for myself when I can make the majority of these appointments. See I’m not upset or bummed that people have to reschedule I  bummed that I tolerate it to the point it becomes easy. It should not be easy to just say I can’t make it I’m sorry. This is a flaw in me though. I come to realize that not setting boundaries is a result of insecurity. I’m encouraged to work on this though.

Let me be the first to say I have some of the best clients around. I have not had many issues with this in my career but certainly want to take a look at myself and improve in areas I can improve. If I ever want to run the business I think I want to run I have to get better with boundaries. Getting better with boundaries means believing more in myself and taking the time to set things up in the beginning. We encourage what we tolerate as my friend stated. Be smart with what you tolerate so that you don’t get frustrated when something happens.

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