What the Fuzz?

What the fuzz is going on? Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever felt as though you really had no clue what was starting to transpire in your life? I am sure most of us has at one point or another. Simon Sinek wrote an amazing book, Start with WHY, which goes into detail about understanding the purpose behind every action we take. I think that many of his readers finish that book full of excitement and confidence on what should happen next. When I finished the book I was undoubtedly pumped up. I was super inspired. However, if I was truly honest to all of you I would have to tell you that I was also super confused. All I could think about after I finished the book was WHAT THE FUZZ?

What the fuzz is not my way of trying to curse without cursing. It is a descriptive of exactly how I was feeling. You see every time I think about my WHY all I get is a big blank fuzzy picture. I then spend all this time trying to take what I do for a living and design a way around what I do. This is not the business. Your business can be designed around your why over time but I do not recommend trying to create a why from what. Every time I think about WHY I have done anything in my life it comes back to loving to help others. So customer service is my WHY? I do not think so. For as long as I can remember I have desired to be a coach and teacher. I love to see that AHA moment in a students eyes. I love to see a person when they really turn the corner. I don’t always get to be there but I like to think that somewhere along the journey I was able to help. In a world where we need to make a dollar to survive I simply do not seem to fit. Honestly, if I could travel around meet new people, talk to them and encourage individuals who are down I am pretty certain I would be super fulfilled. I believe that Gods gift to me is to be an encourager. To provide hope and insight to those that I encounter on a daily basis. I think that he wants me to use the trials that I go through to encourage others to hang in there. I believe the divorce, the financial collapses and rebuilds, I believe the career reboots, the inability to overhead squat, my struggles with food, and so many other things along the way were by unique design. So then if I am so clear on all this then what is the fuzz.

Be Prepared for BOLD Transparency: My WHY is to help others see the amazingness they have within. Like I said I light up when I get to do that. I light up talking to others and bantering back and forth over setbacks, usage of words, direction and opinions. I would have been a great sports commentator. The reason that my WHY is so fuzzy all the time is because I am constantly trying to tie it to an income. I LOVE MONEY. I LOVE SHOPPING. I have so many things I want and I am not the best steward with my financial blessings. I generally end up back in the same spot every time God blesses me. No matter how much money he blesses me with I only do a little better. I have done better for sure. However, it only last a while and it takes one of those grab me by the shoulders and shake me wake up calls to get me going again. Those beat me down to the very core wake up calls. The irony of God Refocusing me is that my why is FUZZY because I want to be financially blessed by it. The funny thing is I am financially blessed when I am simply focused on the WHY but I lose sight and appreciation of this because I want more and I start to get a little frivolous and the man simply looks down and shakes his head. He looks down and says to himself time for another shake up.

Lesson: Things tend to get fuzzy when you lose sight and perspective. I never could see those pictures in the pictures. I try to hard to make sense of it all. So if you are like me and every time  someone asks you your why and you have an immediate response but as your saying it your telling yourself that it doesn’t make sense think again. It only fails to make sense when you try to attach a dollar figure to it. I was listening to a Podcast with the owners of Life-Aid and they were saying to focus on the product and the profit will come. If you focus on the profit you lose sight of what the product should be. Since I am the product its important to make sure the product is healthy. For me focusing on profit margins cause me to resent what I am doing. I start to feel undervalued and under appreciated and then I forget to do what I do best. I forget to teach and encourage and provide hope and direction. When that happens the aha moments seem distant and few. Everything I was born to do seems to disappear and the FUZZ takes over. As I write this its becoming more clear. Focus on the love of teaching, encouraging and helping and the profits will be there. When they are be a good steward of my money and make sure to give back to the MAN who gave me all the ability in the first place.


Picture done by Jennifer Bagwell Photography

Client: Julia Berman someone who taught me a lot