Weight Bearing Shoulders

The lights are on and the 3,2,1 go is echoing in the background. What we are about to embark on is a competition that involves a 200m run, 50 wall balls, 40 box jump overs, 30 shoulder to overhead, 20 bar facing burpees and 10 handstand pushups for time. The clock sounds and the race is on. As I emerge back in to the box I am in second. I go unbroken on the wall balls(not sure how that happened to be honest) and then right into the box jump overs. I am third to the bar for shoulder to overhead and that is where everything began to crumble……………..

You see I have carried everything on my shoulders over the years. I hold all the problems of others, myself and the thoughts that travel through my head right smack dab on my shoulders. Over the years of the weight of all this, the repetitious throwing of a catcher, quarterback and point guard my shoulders were weak and unstable. They lacked mobility. They were imbalanced at best and they had been injured over and over. Even now as I work on them day in and day out they are not one of my listed strengths but they are getting better. The mobility has increased through a concentrated effort of Headspace, romped, crossover symmetry, bulletproof shoulders and my training day to day. It has taking an army to gain an inch here and a rep there. I did not finish this amrap. I got to 12 of the burpees before I was time capped. That was about 18 months ago. Things would be very different now if I were to redo that wod. About now I suppose you are asking the question, “why is he sharing this?” It is a very simple answer in return. “Life is full of items that weigh us down. If we do not train the body, mind and spirit these items will cloud our very own ability to see what it is we are meant to do. It will cloud our why. It will inhibit our growth and eventually injure us. In order to allow our light to shine we must find out through trial and error, research and willingness what strengthens us. We must develop the accountability to stick to the plan and we must remain focused on letting our light shine.”