We think too much

I look over at a photo and I see the statue of Rodins thinkers. It is such a great statue and is on display all over the place. You see it in the bookstore used to anchor books on a shelf. It’s an image that symbolizes deep thought. I am a fan of deep thought. I like to think but is it possible that we all simply think too much.

Too much thinking and too little action. 

I believe that we are getting caught up in the thinking way to much these days. If not others then I simply think for myself. There are so many ways to go about doing things that we sit in analysis mode. The road is no longer clear. There are 50 different ways from Cali to New York and instead of driving and enjoying the experience we are too busy plotting and planning. Plotting and planning can be discouraging after a while because along the way you will encounter obstacles. There are going to be in every road we think to take. The perceived future obstacle stops the car from even taking off.

Pastor King said the other day that inaction is an action. This resonated to me. For the last 6 months Ive thought about writing and failed to write a thing. I would have a topic in my head and then say, “I don’t know enough about it or I don’t have time.  I am not saying that processing information, thinking and planning are bad things but I m putting it out there that We think to much!


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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I completely agree! I personally think too much and sometimes, as a result, I miss out on the greatness that could have been. This post reminds me to not think so much and to just enjoy what is!


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