Uncomfortable in my own skin

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? Ever felt that itchy, tingly, weird feeling that leaves you wanting to jump out of your own skin and run? I think that it is only natural to feel that way from time to time. In fact, I think that everybody I have met has something that they want to change about their body in some way. Losing weight, gaining muscle, definition, heart health and so much more are just a few examples.

I am not going to go into an elaborate story of what life is like being uncomfortable in my own skin. I have worked hard over the years to grow and to learn about myself. I get to a point where I feel like things are clicking and maybe that is when I ease up a little. Easing up is a simple way to say that I begin to shrink. An old mentor said, “you are either growing or shrinking.” I think that he was right. You can never let up. You can never slow down. So do you then pace yourself? Do you sprint and rest, sprint and rest, sprint and rest? Do you settle for less because you are uncertain which way to go? I really do not know the recipe.

Recently, I have been asked this question: “I know you have your blog and stuff, but when and where and with whom do you ever feel like you can just be you?” I really did not know how to answer that. I was completely blinded by the question and I was simply speechless. I thought about it and said that I was me when I was with my kids alone. I think that is actually only partially true. You see I sit back and I think about all the times in my life that I have allowed myself to have a good time. To let go of work and all the responsibilities I must handle and just be…….then at Church I was then asked by another person if I could stop fidgeting and “just be” for a minute and again I could not. I tried to meditate for 3 minutes today and I spent the entire 3 minutes typing and listening to an audio.

I am uncomfortable in my own skin and I know that I am not alone . So how do we learn to embrace right where we are at and get comfortable…….how we decide to make a change in our life and simply do it? I don’t have the answers so I appreciate any insight…….

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