Do ugly sweaters hide the fat?

Tis the season to get fat for a reason and begin to tell ourselves that starting in the New year we will turn it all around. Yes it is that time of the year that we make it ok to get lazy, eat whatever we want, gain weight and then try to hide it under an ugly sweater. Look I get it. This time of the year the suicide rate increases, depression kicks in, anxiety over money causes us to cut things that bring us joy. We cut these things to buy that Auntie that we have not talked to in months a gift to show that we care or because we feel obligated. Whatever the reason it leaves us angry, broke and missing our routine. I’m not saying be a robot by why make it ok to gain weight for the Holidays only to try as hard as possible to lose it all come 2015. Here are 3 simple things you can do this holiday season to make sure you still look good in that ugly sweater.

  1. Don’t say yes to every party – There is no reason that you have to attend every holiday party. Guess what the host will be drunk fast enough to not even know you were not there. This alone will save you from buying 100 white elephant gifts and can alone allow you to still afford your trainer.
  2.  Experiment with some Healthy Treat Recipes –  Instead of making your go to holiday desert that is loaded with Sugar try making something new and different. If you like it maybe you can make a more permanent switch. If you do not like it then your saving yourself from snacking on it every night for 30 days. There are a million websites with amazing treats that are HEALTHIER than the traditional stuff.
  3. Even if time is more of an issue schedule 3 days a week that are non-negotiable exercise days – It is not always the overindulging and the bad food that leads to the weight gain over the holiday but many times is the decrease in activity. I do not care who’s party is Thursday that is your day to exercise and you can be fashionable late looking good in your sweater. Not to mention the psychological benefits to exercising will help you deal with that annoying co-worker that always hits on you after a few drinks.

All joking aside I am serious about staying in shape during this time of the year. It is so easy to get off track. The excuses are crazy. I have no time, I am so stressed, I have to go to all these parties, I HAD t0o make 200 extra cupcakes for my kids classroom and more. Shoot the money spent in treat ingredients would pay your mortgage next month. Remember to focus on yourself and make sure you take care of yourself. Children want healthy, happy parents way more than that Yamaha yz 85. Well at least I like to believe that my son wants that. LOL. Use these three simple steps to beat the holidays and be the hottest person in that ugly sweater………..and have just one more thing to be thankful for (YOUR HEALTH).