There are so many times that people want to say I am on track but I am leaving to go here or there. They follow that with I will get back on track when I get back. That is simply lame. You do not stop brushing your teeth when you go a=on a trip. You do not stop eating or sleeping (unless you go to Vegas). The simple fact is you pack for the occasion, prepare for the occasion and make whatever you have work.

Exercise should be no different: When you travel there are several ways to get in a workout. It can be part of the experience. Pick a gym you would like to visit, call ahead, and make arrangements to go.  Going Camping? No gym in sight. Then make up your own workout right there in the environment. This can be a lot of fun. Pushups on the ground, pull ups on a tree, box jumps on a bench, split squats, swimming, running and more. The world is you canvas. Make time for you nd let go of the lame excuses that you cannot get some exercise in. It may be less than usual but it is still something.

If you have no ideas at all use this list from Crossfit Steele Creek:

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