Top 3 reasons why you should not hire a Personal Trainer.

I know what you are thinking when you read the subject headline: That’s not job security for this guy. I agree. It is not the safest move to talk to you about why you should not hire a trainer but hear me out on this. I mean I think that everyone, including trainers, think about hiring a trainer at one point or another. What then are the reasons that we do not pull the trigger?

Well there are 3 distinct reasons why you should not hire a Personal Trainer.

  1. Everything they know can be found on the internet for free – I mean with the advancements of the internet and all the information that is out there I have little need to hire someone to tell the same thing. I can spend an hour on google and find just the right program for me.  If I want to firm and tone my body look at the options a google search generates: 10 plus pages of information on How to firm and tone your body. It does not take a genius to type a few words and come up with a workout plan for the next month.
  2. To get Certified to become a trainer it only takes a few hours of studying, passing a test and some money: It is so easy to become certified that it cannot be a real profession. A few hours of your time and boom your a professional. How does that make you more knowledgeable than the guy at the gym that I watch all the time? I mean $75 dollars an hour is what I pay for a massage therapist but they have to do several hundred hours of massage before they are allowed to practice. A trainer can get a certificate and begin bossing you around the day it comes in the mail. The level of professional knowledge is minimized because of the difficulty to obtain. I get this. I know Mortgage Brokers that had their license for several years that did not have the understanding I did in just a few.
  3. I’ve lost the weight before and I know exactly what I need to do so why pay all that money plus I’m intrinsically motivated –  I have lost the weight before. A little weight watchers, running on the treadmill and a couple of classes at the local gym will do it. I will convince my friend to start going with me and then it will be perfect. I do not need a trainer to get to the gym and do what I’ve already done before. This way I can go on my own schedule etc. I mean losing weight is simply getting the body moving and watching what I eat.

There are many people that do know what they need to do to lose weight and they may be right. They do not need a trainer. That is the person that is intrinsically motivated. Yes motivated from within, equipped with the knowledge and can find that partner that will not flake on them.

If you fit into one of the 3 categories I described today. The person that can utilize the internet info, you do not believe in the credibility of a trainer or your simply self motivated then you most likely do not need a trainer. I mean you lost the weight before or were able to bulk up as needed. However, if you have found the information and cannot make sense of it, believe that trainers do not what they are talking about and need some accountability and motivation than a trainer may be right for you.

Our main jobs are to coach you injury free, motivate you, hold you accountable and give you the outside perspective that none of the above do. I know that we are last to purchase first to go because you see a trainer as a luxury. It makes little sense considering that the benefits of exercise carry over to every aspect of you life. Don’t hire a trainer. Keep doing it on your own. Or if you are getting a little fed up listen to what my clients have said below about their training and start looking for yours…….

I remember the first day I met Matt he was able to encourage me in a way that no other trainer had done. He motivated me to do just 5 more! In the last 6 months in his bootcamps and one on ones he has empowered my way of thinking of fitness and nutrition. Matt really cares about me and strives to improve on my weaknesses in a safe manner. I can go on about how great of a trainer he is but it’s you that has to check it out yourself. If you are looking for someone that will assist you in your personal fitness and nutrition goals Matt is the man. ~Lisa Collodi
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The Clients Words


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