The sun sets on special days

Valentines, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings and any other special day you want to take into account all have one thing in common, a sunset. The special days in our life all come to a conclusion. They all have an end at some point. Many of the days will have several sunsets like 30th birthday or 10th anniversary. What happens when the special day is no longer a special day because the tie to special has been untied.

You may have guessed it but what do you do when the day that once had special meaning to you in a real positive manner now has the black cloud of what used to be? You see we lose a loved one and their birthday comes around. In these times we tend to focus on what we have lost rather than what we have. We often morn the loss versus celebrate the life. What about when the person you shared that day with is still in your life? They are still alive but not part of your world in the same capacity.

You see I have the opportunity to answer all of these questions on Saturday. Saturday would have been my sixth anniversary but I am divorced now. I get the chance to either be in the dark for the day wondering what could have been or I can choose to celebrate with my children. If September 4th did not happen I may not have had the children this weekend to myself. If that day did not happen I may not have grown to be the person I am today. I am preparing to make the best of a day. A day that will mark the first September 4th since 2002 that I have not been with my ex-wife.

I am bringing this up not for myself but for the many that I have seen suffer over the years. The many that certain dates send them into a downward spiral. I do not know the answer to overcoming this dilemma but I am certain that I am going to work on it. I realize that the sun will set on that day to never again rise. The time of that day will pass. Time being the most precious commodity we have who would want to waste it. We don’t get time back. Once it is gone it is gone.

For those of you that have these days that used to mean something and don’t any longer embrace it. Embrace it as another day of life. So it use to have special meaning and now it is just a day. I ask just this one question: Isn’t every day that we are blessed to have special?  Treat them that way and this does not ever have to be an issue.

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