The Problem in Fitness

The problem in Fitness is that all the professionals want to be Mr. Know it all. In a world with enough egos so many find the need to prove themselves knowledgable in order to gain business. This is unfortunate because the simple act of differentiation generally requires an extreme statement or contention of some sort. I know. I know. I am in the industry and it just so happens to be a pet peeve of mine. I am not saying that we of the industry are all bad. I am not saying that everyone is this extreme but every time I look up I am reading some sort of argument that is poking holes in something another has said.

Lets take a look at the squat as a great example. Toes in? Toes out? Toes neutral? Knees tracking the toes? Knees not to go over the toes? Hip creases below the knee? Low Bar? High Bar? Anatomy impeded depth possibilities? The knees out cue? The butt back cue? Elbow? Where should they point? Grip? What is the appropriate squat shoe? Lifters? Yay or Nay? Belt? Knee Sleeves? Do you take 1 big breath? Inhale way down? Up? Hold for 5 reps? As the opinion is laid out as the way it is almost always followed with this has worked best for ME. Very rarely do you hear “over the thousands of clients I have coached I have learned that there are suggested start points but every individual is a little different with their squat. It is very rare for the “coach” to state there there are many ways to squat. It is almost always “the little known secret to the perfect squat” or “5 reasons you should not squat like this.” It is very frustrating to me because I believe that it is our responsibility to get people moving. We are also responsible to help them move well and I absolutely take this seriously. However, I do not condone adding to the confusion. I do not condone making cryptic or conflicting statements to prove my bravado. I don’t condone adding to the confusion and I certainly cannot condone doing this at the expense of how someone else teaches.

Now I will say this. There are some very bad coaches out there. There are coaches that could get you hurt. In some cases they are bad and they don’t know it and they don’t want to be better. However, I am of the belief that some are just still in the learning phase. When I was first getting started I had mentors and I learned their ways but I coach very differently today. I went on to study others., Learn more and be taught by many different experts in many different styles of training. I took from them all a little something and have used it to morph m,y style. I took all that intersected in each of the ways and took what did not match. Instead of throwing that out I asked why the things that did not match did not match. I began to learn the difference between coaching for sport, health, improvement, max efforts ands more. Not all of those I coach need the same thing. So I don’t coach them all the same. I Digress……….Back to the point.

Too many professionals out there are using the wrong method to gain a strategic marketing advantage. The my way is better than yours or the my way is the way method is Bullshit. Sorry. I feel like if you have a heart to help in the way that we are supposed to the word will get out. The word will spread and you will have plenty of business. There is no need to stand on top of the hill with your chest out creating more confusion for the very people we are trying to help. Just my 2 cents. I needed to rant and I wanted to try out my new computer.,