The Magic Number

In the industry that we live in where mainstream has made millions off of weight loss goals its hard not to have a “Magic Number.” Maybe for you that number is the number you were when you got married, completed your first marathon, sounds the best, means that you will fit in a size 4 jean, or maybe just maybe it was that pre-babay weight. That “magic” number must have been the time you remembered feeling the most “happy” or confident in your own skin. Maybe, just maybe that number has no relevance to the whole journey at all.

I often ask new clients that tell me a magical number that have them feeling like they were on top of the world again the following question: When you get to that number how will your life be different? I generally get a host of answers like I will be able to fit my favorite jeans again, I will be more confident, I don’t know I just want to get there, I will feel better about myself, my husband will look at me the way he used to and so on. I generally follow that answer with Why? or How? will that number accomplish that? This is where I get the I don’t knows, the I’m not sires and a host of other answers that simply do not answer the question. Then I may ask something like, when you get to that number if you still have love handles and flappy arms will you be as excited. The answer: NO! Well then it is not a number you are chasing but a certain look that you associate with a number. I get it. Then I ask the following question: If you meet all of your aesthetic goals but you do not lose a single pound how will that make you feel? This is where I get the blank stare. The one that does not know how to respond. The one that suggests to me that the client does not believe that a 10-15 pound fat loss with an equivalent muscle gain resulting in a scale that has not moved is well possible? An if it is they are suggesting that they would not want it because they simply are not sure how that translates to measurable success.

In the end there is simply no number on a scale that can define your self worth. Self worth is created from the inside out. Appreciating who you are today and enjoying the journey of who your becoming. I think that it is great to have goals. Goals are a great way to establish a target and they are great with reminding you to stay on track. However, they need to be held loosely because maybe just maybe you will achieve all you wanted but not reach the “magic number.”