The darkness continues but will not prevail……….

The scene is that of a great Harry Potter movie. I am running and right behind me there is a huge cloud dark and full of evil. I race forward toward the light and the optimism that I am desiring. I can feel in my heart of hearts all the good that lies ahead but know that I have to outrun this cloud. It tries so hard to steal my spirit. It tries to pierce my mind. I feel as though I am living between two worlds.

Mental Mind Purgatory – If you have ever been here you know what it is like. Your mind thinks about all the good and at the same time the negative is pulling you back. You fight between the two worlds. You can see the light and at the same time the darkness is at your heels. Why is it that our mind may vacillate between the two?

Circumstances and our view – I think that the answer is our circumstances and more importantly how we view them. If we see our circumstances to be dark and we see no way out it is easy to get sucked in. We begin to back peddle even if we do not even notice that we are going backward. We feel as though we are moving forward but ever so slightly we are headed in the reverse. It is amazing how this can be. Little by little day by day we slide. If we see our circumstances as a chance to learn and grow and move forward then we are moving forward even if practically speaking it appears we are regressing. What do I mean? If we are growing and learning and gaining strength. If we can see this horrible situation as something good and take the time to learn and grow then we will shoot out of the situation. We only have the opportunity to go up from here. Our view in many cases will define whether or not the darkness will prevail or we will beat the black cloud and end up in the sun light……………Run Harry Run………

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