Starting Over

Recently I began thinking about starting over. I quite often hear, “I am going to start on Monday or I’m back to 100% tomorrow.” It began a long cycle of reflection on my own behaviors. I began to think about all the times I have started my career from scratch and the feelings attached to it. I also thought about new friendships, new gyms, new workouts, a new car and of course our newest toys. Once I began looking at things this way it began to make a little more sense.

Starting Over can be easier than pushing through a plateau. When you begin something fresh your only expectation is for good things to come. Yes, it can be scary frightening to not know. I certainly felt a good fear when I uprooted the family to begin fresh in Roseville. Everything was unknown. However, that nervous curious excitement was fresh and was not watered down with let down or failure. No one could disappoint you if you had yet to set expectations. That is what it is like when you say I’m going to start fresh Monday. It relieves you of the letdown s and the difficulties and gives you a fresh crack at accomplishing something extraordinary. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that starting something new makes room for the excuse. You know the one where someone says, “I tried paleo and it just wasn’t for me. I’m gonna try Atkins because my auntie has lost 30 pounds on it. She said it was easy.” We love built in escape plans and things that are new to us give us the opportunity to use them. When we have been plugging away and doing ok for 3 years it is harder for the outside world to accept us walking away. I know what your thinking but let’s face it most of us do care what they think. That is why we like the excuse that new ventures bring with them.

Look I am guilty as charged and I don’t really see an end game yet. With exercise I change frequently because I like challenges and I like research. With food I’m pretty good but with my career I have started fresh multiple times. I get “good” and pushing through toward great seems to daunting. If I don’t do “great” it would devastate me. So instead start over, change directions, accept mediocrity? This is what I am asking myself and what I am challenging you to ask yourself. If you are a chronic Monday start over type of person ask yourself this question: Do I simply not believe that I am worthy of greatness and do I simply not believe I can succeed? Your answer may be yes to both, one or hopefully no to both but I challenge you to be honest. Multiple times I have answered yes to both. Not believing I could succeed and not believing I’m worthy of such success. I know that is a crock of crap for both myself and you. It is easier to tell you you are worthy than look in the mirror and say it. I challenge myself and you to stand in the mirror and say “I am worthy”  every day until it sinks in. Don’t start over so you can have an out when the attempt doesn’t work. Keep pushing forward…………………if it makes sense.

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