Someone believes in you

The day begins and we pull our self out of bed to tackle the day. Our foot hits the ground followed by the other. We put our hands over our eyes and rub them as we awake. We yawn one time and then we begin to think about what lies ahead. We work hard on trying to visualize what and for whom we are working for. We wonder if there is anyone who believes in us.

It is now noon and we are at working doing whatever it is we do. We have been working hard all day long. It is hitting the point of lunch and we are beginning to get hungry. As we hit the lull the thoughts of the morning return. WHAT ARE WE DOING? Is the hard worked noticed? Am I doing a good job or the right things? Am I in line with what I was created to do and be? Is there anybody that believes in me?

I am here to tell you that no matter where you are in your life there is someone that believes in you. You may not know who that person is at the moment. They may be in your life each and everyday and you don’t know it or feel it. It can be your Pastor, your personal trainer, your friend, a complete stranger, mom, dad, your God, and the list goes on. You may be the one that believes in you and that should be enough.

What is the point of all of this? – I have worked with many children and adults and many have a common obstacle to overcome. The feeling that somebody cares about what they are doing. What is all this for? Maybe they have not defined the why within  and that will drive many of the A type personalities. However, I am a firm believer that everyone wants to feel that their efforts support a cause higher and greater than their own self interest and that their efforts are noticed. I think that we all desire to have someone that believes in us.

Chasing my Father – For many years I wanted that person to be a certain someone. I wanted that person to be my Father. I didn’t care who else believed in me I just wanted my father to believe in me. I was devastated each time that I felt I fell short of what may have made him take notice. What I have learned in the recent years and months is that someone believes in you and you may not know it but you can count on it.

Next time that you crawl out of bed and wonder if someone believes in you and your efforts remain confident and comfortable knowing someone does.

In the near future, I will write about how to discover those that believe in you and how to embrace it and use it to your benefit……….

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