Remember the Tortoise

Today, I wanted to write a quick note to ask everyone to remember the tortoise. Selfishly, I am writing this to remind myself that speed is not the necessary ingredient to fulfillment. In fact many times a rushed job is a bad job. Very few times things that happen fast are done in the right manner and there is attrition, resentment, fallout, or failure. Everything that has ever been worthwhile in my life grew from a process over time. The last few months I had really slowed down a lot of things and had so many things become more clear. As this was happening and I have had some opportunities present themselves the speed that these items “need” to be accomplished has been pushed. I started to go into fast pace Mathew mode.

The Rub – When we get in a mode to do things quickly we forget to do them efficiently or in some cases our true reason for doing them in not conveyed. Think about this: If your very best friend just lost someone in their life would you:

  • give them as much time as they need and hug and comfort them
  • Rush through their line of questioning and tell them to get over it it is part of life
  • Not be there at all for them

Seems rather obvious to slow down and give them all the time they need at that moment. However, in our own lives nothing ever seems important enough to give it our undivided attention. We feel that we are going to miss out on the next opportunity if we sit in one place too long. We are quick to judge others in a way that we ask not to be judged.

The Story of Hanna – I have told this before but it is time to revisit. I had a coach in my life that always told me this story. Mathew there is a place in Hawaii that is the most magnificent place on Earth. When people go to visit they rush to the top to see it. Along the way they pass so much beauty and miss so much excitement because their head is down and they are in a hurry to get to Hanna. Waterfalls, birds, tress, plants and so many other beautiful gorgeous things missed in our lives because we want to be the hare.

I ask you today to remember the Tortoise. The tortoise won the race not the hare. Slow down and pay attention to the moment you are in now. You don’t get that back. Build your future on a solid foundation of the present. Will Smith was challenged by his father at a young age to rebuild a brick wall. They said that it would take forever and asked how were they ever going to get it done and their Father replied to them, “one brick at a time.”

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