Recharge your Batteries

I think one of the most overlooked tools to getting your body where you want it is REST. If you are anything like me you want to make sure you hit the gym a specified number of times, play in your intramural sports, get your run in, and play with the kids. You may even live by the P. Diddy motto of never sleep. From a business standpoint being on the constant go moving and shaking may do the trick. It certainly has worked for P. Diddy. There really is no denying that. However, if you want that body to look good and more importantly last a long time you have to recharge your batteries.

I want to start by saying that this is still a little foreign to me. It is still a work in progress but one I am taking very seriously. I have been a work and workoutaholic much of my life. I was constantly working and even when I wasn’t I was. I was either on the phone or thinking, writing, plotting or planning. Just because you are not in the act of something does not mean that your are not still in the act of doing it. We have to turn off both our mind and body to see the benefits of rest. After all do they not tell us to turn off our computers once in a while so they get a break from constant running. They say this will help them function better. It is the same for humans. We need to take our rest and recovery seriously.

One of the first acts of this experiment was to get away for two days. Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday. The rules were simple. No Phone or facebook, the only work done was brainstorming and only while at the pool relaxing and to be completely lost in the silence of the vacation. I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted, to exercise if I wanted but not on a schedule and too sleep as much as I wanted. Nothing I hate more than a planned vacation with an itinerary. That is no different than work……:( So here is how it went: Sunday I woke up and Chaz and I went to church. I cant think of a better way to start a vacation. Service was amazing and set us off on the right foot. We then went to Healdsburg to walk around the square, take in the sights and sounds and have some lunch. We settled on center street market and deli and had some breakfast. When we finished we left for Geyserville. We stayed at the Geyservile inn. We changed and went to the pool to enjoy the heat. We lounged there for a while until we got hungry. We decided that we wanted to simply make sandwiches so we jammed to Big Johns market and went shopping. When we came back we took some snacks and a glass of wine back to the pool. We enjoyed the pool some more until we wanted dinner and a refill. We hung out in the room brainstorming on some projects we are working on. For us this is a lot of fun and does fill our cup. Learning and growing is exciting. We hung in the hotel for a while and shared some vino and then decided the hot tub sounded nice. It was a great cap to a lovely day. Monday came and we woke up no alarm just before 8. We had decided the night before that we would get some Low Intensity steady state cardio in the morning. So on an empty stomach we got up and walked to the coffee shop and back. A few miles in all. Then it was time for breakfast. This is both of our favorite meal so it was on. The Hoffman House gave us complimentary breakfast as part of the package. We both ordered make your own omelets. Four eggs, chorizo, avocado, peppers, spinach, goat cheese and zucchini for me. It was delightful. After breakfast we did some lounging and then we eventually got ready to wine taste. We walked a mile to the rooms(not worth a dui risk) and started at Mercury. I love Grady and Brads wines are amazing. We tasted like 10 wines, laughed, talked and had a blast. We then ventured over to Meeker. Their wines were good but the guy behind the counter rushed us. There was no one else but he was filling our cup with the next wine before we finished the first. It was annoying but I just enjoyed it none the less. Next up Rammazotti. By this time I was definitely feeling the effects of someone who drinks 2-3 times a year. Holy smokes. The company at Rammazotti was awesome. The wines were good but less like the ones that we seem to enjoy. Maybe I had no sense at this point. We capped the day with dinner and dessert at Diavolo Pizza.  The long walk home and then we chilled for the evening. I actually passed out at like 8. It was good though as I slept from 8-8 and that really recharged the batteries. Tuesday came quick. We woke up and hung out a little bit before heading back to the Hoffman house. We got on the road at 11 and headed to Trader Joes to get food for the week. After trader joes and dropping the food off at the house it was back to the gym. We smashed a hard workout that I am already feeling today.

All in all recharging the batteries is essential. My body needed the rest from the weights, needed the sleep and needed the mental shut down to really be ready to tackle the week and the remainder of the month fiercely. We get so caught up in the I need to do more, I didn’t earn a vacation, I cant afford a vacation that life simply passes us by. Another month down and still nothing but more hard work to look forward too. If not now when? Taking a day off from your workouts, taking a vacation, taking a recovery week where you go light, stretch and leave the weights in the rack is not beneficial, it is essential. This has been a hard concept for me to grasp. If you think I am talking only about exercise you are wrong. We need this from work also. It is when we get away that we are able to see most clearly. If you ever want to make a change in your business step away for a minute and the answer will come. Same with exercise. Step away and you will see the growth and change necessary. We don’t differ from computers that much. We need to shut down and reboot just the same. We need to recharge our batteries. From one workaholic to another I am here to tell you that it is completely OK!

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