Passionless Passion Fruit

The Passion Fruit can be found all over the world. It derives it’s name “passion fruit” as it is one of many species of the passion flower. Originally given the name passiflora by the Spanish when they were in South America trying to convert the natives to Christianity. ( The passion fruit is known for its aroma and flavor. It is often used as an additive to things to give them that extra boost. In Hawaii it is common to find it used in the amazing shaved ice. While the passion fruit has many uses what would become of it if it was “passionless.”

A passionless passion fruit would be void of all the amazing traits that make it unique. After all it is what puts the sweet in so many amazing desserts. If the passion fruit were to lose it’s passion it would be whittled down to a boring fruit without much use. If this is the case for the passion fruit then what becomes of the person that is driven by passion. That works tirelessly because they are passionate about people. The person that is encouraged by encouraging, excited by progress, and driven by other’s victories. What happens to the passionate person that loses sight of that passion. That person that begins to feel like they are no longer helping and does not know how to rebound. A passionless person who has been driven by their passion the majority of their life loses their sweetness.

Simon Sinek, author of It starts with why dedicates a whole book to individuals discovering why they are doing  something before they embark on the doing. Once you know the WHY then you can begin to tackle the logistics of the how and when and where. The WHY will drive your determination to complete the rest. It was an amazing book but in the end for me I was left pondering WHY and I could only conclude a few reasons. None of those reasons are strong enough to sustain and push for more. My WHY for as long as I have known has been about people. I have done everything up to this point because I am inspired by that moment of “aha” in a students progress. I coach and I teach just to see that “aha” moment. Lately, though I am not seeing that “aha” moment or when I do its you done an amazing job and I no longer need you. It’s possible that this loss of passion has led to the decline in the business or did a decline in business lead to the loss of passion? Am I increasingly less patient? My need for recognition hurts as well because I find clients having that “aha” moment but attributing it to someone or something else. I do  to feel like I am reaching clients the way I had in the past.

My Why “to help others overcome their self imposed limitations on the physical and mental capabilities” has been deflated. Lately if you were to ask why its because I need to make “money” or for “recognition.” Each of those are terrible reasons to be doing something. The passionless passion fruit is winning out. The things I find myself thinking about all the time are speaking, coaching (athletes competing in a sport), mentoring youth, and helping others keep their relationships strong. Honestly I constantly think about Crossfit. Almost to a disgusting degree. This is professionally. Personally I can’t help but focus on the fact that I am alone. I can’t let go of the idea of family working together to build our dreams. Family vacations. Family dinners. Family events. I know it’s not in the cards for me but I think about it all the time. A teammate and a partner. Lastly, I think about where in the world am I going to find a mentor. Where am I going to begin to meet individuals with similar interests that are willing to mentor me without me paying 1000’s of dollars for me to buy their material and sit alone trying to learn it. I want to meet and talk too and sit down with others that are where I want to be. I want to be on a team supporting a brand in the sport I love so much. Crossfit. Im tired of people trying to convince me that I should think differently or slower or smaller. My whole life has been athletics. Ive coached the greater majority of that life. I love coaching competitors. I miss competition. In order to get the passion back in this passion fruit need to seek this out. I need to find my way into competitive coaching. That starts by developing the skills physically. Its time to let go of the idea of what I think it looks like and put myself out there………………………………