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Hey, Chazmith here!!! Several years ago I started my Paleo journey. It actually started before I even knew it was starting when I was recommended by a specialist to cut all grains out of my diet -step 1. I was suffering from major digestive issues, that often left me in tears from frustration, not knowing what to do. Well little did I know at this time that it was only the beginning of what would become a life long journey of research, self awareness, self education, self experimentation, and then finally encouraging and supporting other people through their journey, through a newly found & deeply rooted passion. For the first couple of years I struggled with what it meant to fully commit to Paleo. It wasn’t always easy. At the time that I first started cutting grains, it was actually ALL I ate. I probably ate boxed cereal for 66% of my meals – no joke 🙁 My favorite restaurant was Italian, and I loved bread. I seriously couldn’t imagine living without it. Well it’s funny how things CAN CHANGE! Like I said, at first I wasn’t extremely committed, it was more like an on/off relationship. I was on, I was off. I was 80/20 turned 20/80. It always starts as 80/20 but slowly that 20 starts to creep up as more and more non Paleo foods start to creep in, as the mind slowly starts to rationalize and justify it. Because I never fully committed I was never able to give my body a chance to fully detox and discover what good really felt like – it wasn’t until I made that commitment that I began to understand the full value in the diet as a lifestyle. The better I started to feel the more I realized the impact of food and how much better I could potentially feel. This truly ignited my passion and my desire to keep evolving, to learn as much as I could, so I could in turn also help other people. I knew if I could do it that anyone could! The more committed I am to primal eating- the better I sleep. The better I sleep -the easier it is to wake up. The easier it is to wake up -the better my start to my day -the more energized I am -and the more my energy sustains throughout the day. The more natural energy I have through out the day -the less I crave bad food choices -the less I am likely to get grumpy or moody – which means the less I am likely to be triggered or bothered by the silly small stuff. Not to mention, the less I crave bad food choices – the less I am likely to choose to eat them -and the happier my digestive system is. It is really cyclical. We can be in a cycle spinning down or a cycle spinning up – what do you choose? I choose up! And because I have my cycle controlled, I was able to give up caffeine – no more stimulants needed! I am not saying I never go out and have a desert anymore or a perhaps a glass of wine, but it is definitely far and few between, and when I do I can jump right on track the next day. Why? Because how good it feels to feel good is so deeply rooted in my mind now that it makes it that much easier with each passing day! I know that IF I can do this, anyone can! My biggest passion right now is helping people get their life back through getting their health back. I desire so strongly to get people in tune with their diet and health, to focus on choosing foods that serve them, not because it will make them ‘skinny’ but because it will make them HEALTHY! Change starts within, and I believe this is with everything. You gotta fix your insides before you can healthily change the outsides, but trust that if your focus is optimal health that everything else should fall into place! I am so incredibly excited and happy for those members of Matt’s and my nutritional support group that have had their lightbulb click! I know that some people are on the track to a long term successful upward cycle! I feel so honored to be a part of their journey and look forward to witnessing their continued success. You heard my story, now here’s Matt’s and a few current members:

From Matt – My Paleo Proposition: My journey into the Paleo world was an interesting one. Of course I had heard about this Paleo stuff and of course I saw that people were getting results but in my head is was not for me. I was happy with the nutrition moves that I had made. I had gone from not eating healthy at all (Wendy’s one times a day) to eating what most call clean. I was conscious of my calorie intake, stuck to oatmeal with protein powder, chicken, lean beef and turkey with broccoli, asparagus or some other vegetable. I ate lots of feta cheese in my breakfast concoctions and had one shakeology a day. Shakeology is a meal replacement drink I love. Personally I was happy with my body composition and happy with the way I ate aside from it being boring. However, many of the clients that I had just were not seeing the same results. The meal plans were intense and not for the faint at heart. You have to really want it and really want change. I also had the client that seemed to follow it perfectly and not experience the desired results. So I began to pay closer attention to those that said Paleo was the way to go but I was still not convinced. That’s when the weight loss warrior challenge came into play. A few of the females that I trained at the time were on a team called Mission SlimPossible and their coach Chazmith had them try Paleo. In the time that we did the weight loss warrior challenge I saw more change in these ladies than I had seen in months. At this point I could not deny the possibility that it could be a healthier way. I decided to do a 30 day challenge for boot camp primarily to hold myself accountable over the next 30 days. My 30 days of eating this way turned into 60. During that time I saw my weight drop 21 pounds, I woke up fresher, the foods I was eating were more fun and many of my digestion issues had gone away. I also took it upon myself to read The Paleo Diet Solution and my eyes were opened to possibilities that many of my staple foods may not help. With results and all I was about to embark on a journey to take to the bodybuilding stage and I did not think I could do it Paleo so I stopped. I began to shift back to a more conventional bodybuilder diet although I tried to keep it as Paleo as possible. The BELIEF was simply still not fully developed. Somewhere toward the end of this journey I made the choice it had to end. I wanted to get back to zero calorie counting, not watching my macronutrients and just eating. I didn’t just go Paleo and binge it though. I had to reverse diet as I was very low body fat and calorie count. I began slowly and simultaneously began to read everything I could get my hands. As I shifted back to a Paleo I felt a new energy on life. I felt great. My body felt nourished. As I continue to read and explore I could not imagine it another way. Chaz has been a huge blessing. Although I still crave my ice cream from time to time or hot tamales I rest confidently knowing I’m making smart choices for lasting life. No more calorie counting, no more macronutrients simply eating the right foods, together when I’m hungry. What a relief. The experience has been so amazing Chaz and I decided to start this group to share and continue the journey of learning a new way with others. We hope that you feel the same way we do and we sincerely hope you stick with it.

Members’ stories:

For the past 30 days I have not had any sugar, flour or processed foods. Even writing that seems amazing to me. I have not felt this good in years. The first few days were hard, I won’t lie about that. But the better I started to feel, the easier it got. 30 days ago I thought I was aware of how food affected my body, but to my surprise I was not at all. In the obvious ways yes, over eat and feel ‘yuck’. But I had no idea how eating well would affect how I feel. I sleep better, I have more energy, I even feel I have more clarity in my thinking. Today I am aware of how food affects so many aspects of my life. Today on day 30, I feel I have a better understanding of how I want to treat my body. Am I saying I will never eat chocolate again? No. What I am saying is with this new awareness I will make wiser, healthier choices. I understand today that cravings are in my mind, not my body. What my body craves is healthy food, my body wants to feel more energized and alive. It is my mind that thinks that chocolate helps PMS, my body knows that water, a nice healthy meal and a good night sleep is what relieves PMS symptoms. ~Pauline~ ——

I’ve started living a Paleo lifestyle about 6 months ago and for me it is the disappearance of a life long battle with asthma. I could not run without an inhaler, lungs would be tight & wheezy for no reason other than I had asthma but since eliminating grain from my diet I have not needed any inhalers, lungs are always clear and have run sprints, 2 5K’s & workout hard 4-6 days a week. ~Rachel~ —–

So I started this 30 days ago not knowing what it would all mean. In the last 30 days I have turned my life around. I have gone from drinking significantly (this means daily) to choosing my times for enjoying something to drink. This now means drinking 4oz of wine on a special occasion. Beyond that I have found that my regular comfort foods no longer bring any comfort. I am just as satisfied by eating something which will nurture my body and not just comfort my soul. I have found a turning point in my life and expect I will live this way forever. Did I mention that while I have not weighed myself in 30 days I am now two sizes smaller. I have no desire to step on the scale. Seeing is believing. I will also state this. In the last 30 days I have had no heartburn, no asthma attacks, allergies significantly reduced, blood pressure has come down, my skin is looking better, energy level is incredibly high, and my clarity is out of this world. Yes this is a process. I work at it every day. Then again let it be said, nothing in life worth having comes easy. We must work and work hard and only then can we be proud of our rewards! I am working hard every day! ~Maureen~ ——

I have eliminated pretty much all cravings of all the processed carbs and sugars except for once in a while. (and no gum chewing! Big habit) My energy now lasts through the day on most days. My mental focus is much better. The bloated, achy PMS I usually have has become mild. My skin seems clearer. No itchy psoriasis so far. my body has toned up, and I have dropped 1 pant size moving on to the next. ~Acacia~

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