Network Marketing: What is it Really?

Well I think by now you all know I speak open and honestly about everything. Maybe to a fault but maybe not. There are so many different Network Marketing ventures out there. Many big names from phones to juice to coffee. Many times I hear negative thoughts about the businesses. Other times I have the un-relatable conversation with the person that just left the seminar high on life. I have been told the statistics of failure and the stories of complete success. You hear the sell of the dream. It happens for some and not from others. What makes it different for each person?

1) The foundation of the decision to join – Many times the reason that someone joins one of the groups is based on their circumstance in life. I would venture to guess that many people want to change their life and they are not sure where to start. Along comes an opportunity to join something that could do just that. It is an opportunity to make more money, to get out debt, to have more time to live the life we always wanted. So we reach into our savings account and we part with the final dollars we have hoping that this is the investment that will get us where we want to go. We make a quick decision to do it that night because they tell you to reserve your spot. If you don’t you will “miss out” on what could be yours. If quick money or the chance to change your circumstance is why you join then I think you will find disappointment. (don’t get me wrong here they can be great if the foundation of your decision is based on the right principles. Read to the end before you pass judgment as I will summarize my thoughts and conclusions).

2) 95/5 rule from the cash flow quadrant – If you have read the cash flow quadrant you will have learned that the wealthy make money of their efforts over and over not one time. This is called residual income. All millionaires have a form of residual income. Whether it be Real Estate rents, royalties, or the income from network marketing. This is a brilliant thing. Well then why does only 5% of the population control 95% of the wealth. It is not the decision to go after an opportunity to build residual income but in the development (thinking) that goes behind the choice. Most millionaires think better than the rest of the population not because they are smarter per se but because they seek understanding. Stephen Covey once wrote seek first to understand then to be understood. Many times when we begin the business we still do not have a complete understanding of what it takes. The actual financial and time commitments. The number of meetings that you will have to attend. We feel the way we felt. “How could anyone say no to this? It is a no-brainer.” Well others circumstances and past experiences may have been different. We do not know where others stand so when we experience our first rejection because we tried to explain the business to someone we are deflated.  We begin to think it is not for me. I cannot do this. We get in to our own head. Our Thinking falls into the category of the 95% of the population. You see we did not understand first before we tried to be understood.

3) It is not the right product – If you are looking for the perfect product you have Network Marketing all wrong. You are missing the very core of what you need to be successful in the venture. If you listen to the presentations they all say we are in the communications trend or the “health and wellness” industry is the next trillion dollar industry. One time in life it was the tech boom, then the Real Estate boom. There will always be an industry that will be booming. It is the information age you can sell info.

Where am I going with all this? – I think that Network Marketing needs to be analyzed separately:

Networking – It is about networking. Finding others that have the same drive, passion and dreams as you. Finding professionals that want to develop personally. A rising tide raises all ships. Networking is the building of relationships. If you are trying to build the relationship on the basis of money, product or extreme need then I think you will fail. Authentic and genuine belief that this venture will assist the both of you to a better life will win. Don’t be in a hurry to sign them up. Be in a hurry to raise them up. Be in a hurry to grab their hand and help them up the ladder and I think you will have a successful business in any venture even outside of network marketing. You will find that when you assist others and take a sincere interest in them good things will happen.

Marketing – All businesses come down to marketing. Your efforts in effectively communicating the product or service that you offer is directly correlated to your success. It is positioning as a leader, expert or source for the product. Which leads me back to my first comment of if we develop personally and take a genuine interest in others we can be successful. It starts with you. Your brand, your service and your relationships.

In conclusion, network marketing is a great business. Regardless of the product I think that what we must all learn is that 5% of the population controls the wealth because of their thinking. Thinking comes from personal development. When we grow ourselves we learn to offer more to the relationships that we get involved in and the law of attraction kicks in. Regardless of your choice of faith each belief has a common item. That is developing our thinking and relationships. Grow to know more intimately the influences in your life so that you can in turn give back to those you encounter. When I say the foundation of your decision to join I mean just this. If you choose to see in the opportunity a way to give back to others and increase the quality of life around you and you seek to do so I think you will do well. You can spot those that want to sell you from those that want to help you a mile away. Both can be successful but only one will have long term success. If you realize that you are the product and you develop your product band work on your thinking you will have success in all that you do. I have seen some very good examples of this and truly I wanted to work with them but #1 was wrong for me. I have not chosen to do this at this point because personally I wanted to do it for the wrong reasons. As I grow each morning I am learning more about myself and relationships and it is beginning to become clear for me what I want to do. Thank you Detrimental Dialogue for giving me this opportunity.

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