Measuring up with the wrong Measurements

If you were to grab a glass of water, some sand, some food like sweet potato, sound, a car and you pick whatever else you would like to measure you would realize they all require different units of measurements. You would see that the comparison of each of these items really provides no value. Measuring the amount of water in a glass and comparing that to the weight of a car seems a little absurd. Taking the weight of a sweet potato and comparing that to the measurement of sound would cause a level of laughter I might think. How about measuring the volume of sand in a sand box to the tire pressure on your bike? I’m sure by now you are asking the very question of where is this guy going with this? I’ll tell you.

I was having a conversation with an amazingly beautiful person yesterday. They were sad because they had people close to them call them (overweight), I’m being polite here. The basis of this measurement was comparative to others amongst the families. Others that do many things well Im certain. Others that excel in their own areas of life I’m guessing but others that also would not MEASURE up to this beautiful woman in many areas either. I mean depending on the unit of measure you can create shortcomings in any individual and in many ways. Honestly, I don’t really have a huge problem with units of measure. I am not against comparison so to speak. I am all for healthy competitions that people choose to enter in. I am not very fond of shaming for the sake of shaming. I am not for shaming someone as a unit of motivation. I don’t think that is the best motivator. I know from my time listening to the Finding Mastery podcast (which are phenomenal) that pain is a great motivator. I do believe this. I also would say that shame can cause pain. However, I think that in all my studies, reading and in application I believe that the pain that motivates is the pain that someone gets to on their own. I don’t believe that pain generated or forced or pressed upon someone is the motivating factor. Maybe I simply don’t believe that even if that pain initiates movement it will not last. The lasting motivators are arrived to on one’s own I think. I digress I am so sorry. So back to measurements.

When people choose to shame others it is from a unit of measurement that they have created on their own. It is never apples to apples and never takes the individual into account. It is easy to look at pounds on a scale and say someone is heavier than another. That does not take into consideration the amount of muscle one has, the body type, the bone structure or anything else. The number equals the fat when this occurs and that is wrong. It also does not take into account where someone is at in their life, or whether or not they are completely happy with themselves etc. This simply thrusts an opinion onto another without merit. In my humble opinion it is sad and defeating.

Stop measuring yourself to others with the incorrect measurements. Who cares? Figure out where you want to go and measure your progress against your progress. If there is someone where you want to be learn from them, generate ideas from them but make sure that you stay focused on what you are trying to achieve. It will not be exactly the same. The fact that it is not exactly the same is the reason that you cannot really measure your progress to theirs. You don’t take the same roads, use the same tools, or encounter the same people. You can use it to aid you but for the love of life DON’T LET IT DEFINE YOU!!!!!!!