Life is a series of vacations!

Life is a lot like your annual vacation. We spend all year working toward that vacation. Planning, researching, asking questions, saving, visualizing, working towards that one week of the year where we celebrate our hard work. We relax and think about nothing. We see things we wanted to see and do things we’ve wanted to do. We don’t get the luxury of vacationing all year long but that is ok. There is a lot of joy in the work……..Our spiritual, physical, emotional, business life’s are very similar to our vacations. We set goals that have to be attained. We plan, research, ask questions, visualize, and put in the work necessary to get to that goal. When we get to that goal we get to take a moment and celebrate the victory before we have to go back to work.  The next goal (vacation) is then set in motion. What will it be this year? Cabo, Italy, Hawaii, Staycation who knows. That is part of the research and planning. Once you hit your weight loss goal do you stop? No, you celebrate the victory and set a new goal. Maybe it is to compete in a competition. Maybe it is a certain body fat percentage? Who knows?


The point is that we are constantly working charting and planning for the attainment of a goal. Once we get there we live it up for the moment and then we begin again. Life is a series of vacations. A ton of work for a brief moment of bliss? I think that there is a ton of joy in the work. There will be setbacks and obstacles but in the end it is all worth it. If we dont meet the exact goal (Italy) and we end up in Rio Vista fishing we enjoy Rio Vusta and make the necessary adjustments to get to Italy the next year.  Every day that the vacation gets closer the excitement increases. Sometimes the goals and the destination change but the work continues. There is a prize. We stay immersed in the daily activity and then when it is that day we smile and say “it’s time to celebrate!”

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