Just when you think it’s gone……….”it” resurfaces

Just when you think it is gone it resurfaces. You know the it that gets you lost in your mind. The it that stirs up old anger and hurt, happiness, joy, resentment, stability and all the other things that you can think of. It is the “it” that stirs up you emotional bucket. You think that you have dealt with it, grown from it and left it in the past.

SMACK! Wow that hurt. “It” hits you right in the face. Why do you think that this item can show it’s head at the most inopportune time? I really don’t have the answers at all. I will tell you that in my life I know that it represents the enemy attacking me. The enemy knows how to get under my skin and push me away from the track. The enemy knows how to get me in my own mind and thinking. You see I am a thinker and that is very powerful. It can be powerful in a positive way and it can be powerful in a negative way! Like the book says, “As a man thinketh.” That is right “it” has infiltrated the mind and is trying to eat away at all the good things that I am working toward. Things that I think will have the impact on the lives of others that I so desire. “It” wants me to start looking at the past. “It” knows that if I am looking backwards I cannot move forward with all the blessing my Father has placed before me. Heck I cannot even see those blessings if I am looking backwards.

Two Practical Ways to deal with IT!

  1. I like to write. Start a journal and look at all the things that you are grateful for when it comes around. Find out what it is that you have going for you and focus on that and pay “it” no attention……….
  2. Talk it out with a friend that would understand. One that will not judge but will listen and be empathetic to why this “it” is such a virus in your life……..

I don’t what “it” is in your life but I know that you have one. Everybody has an “it” that plaques them and resurfaces when our guard is down. I would be interested in knowing how you deal the “it” in your life and I am sure other readers would benefit from your honesty……..;

Matt Freeman “Dare to be real and raw”

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  1. sabrina kay sauce
    sabrina kay sauce says:

    Well this is good, too. Again – you were able to peer into my IT a little bit. (it took me a while to discover my IT)

    …some people have more than one. 🙂

    I always thought I was a people person, but I’m not…and I am now OK with that. I like to be behind a screen, in accounting, reading, at a party once in a while, etc…doing volunteer work on a solo mission. Stuff like that. I always thought that was my IT. I’d rather NOT be seen! I’m just that way….very, very shy.

    My husband is younger than I by 10 years and is fortunate enough to know what his IT was at age 29. Very Lucky!

    How do I deal with my IT ?

    Workout…punch a bag…drink ice-cold water…meditate…”Ask For Relief” (aka Pray…or just talk it out, usually with my husband when he’s home from work).

    NOTE: I agree with Ricardo Sierra: Usually when someone is too pristeen about their belief in God…suddenly pulling back from people who swear, not hanging around those who are “less” than they perceive themselves to be…etc…(making God way too loud) are typically missing something….probably their IT.

    That could be the problem with a lot of people — that’s IT…isn’t it?


    How do you deal with IT ?

    • Matt Freeman
      Matt Freeman says:

      I am still learning. I think that I have a few things that cause me too slow down. They may all stem from a single it though. Not sure. Still a person in training trying to discover and grow and leave some good along the way for others……….

  2. Sabrina Kay Sauce
    Sabrina Kay Sauce says:

    Yes, I agree. My IT, as well as my husbands IT slows us each down….sometimes at the same time…sometimes as if we’re polar opposites.

    But, I meant to clarify something..I didn’t mean to imply that there was something wrong with anyone else other than myself either…I am no Queen by any means. Being the “hypocrite” 🙂
    I am, and the hypocrites from whom I was born, and the hypocrites I’ll raise to live in this world as we know it – I was simply pointing out that I agreed with Ricardo Sierra on the Hypocrite blog response…not to get on that or away from this (both are GREAT subjects!)….

    See what I mean? This is my IT…Self-Doubt. 🙂


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