It’s True. I don’t have enough time! Your Bucket List!

Is your hourglass constantly flipping over because it is out of sand? Did your day go by so fast that you could hardly accomplish all the things that you WANTED to do? If only there were 36 hours in the day I would be able to do the things that I set out to accomplish. I wish I had the chance but I am a mom or a dad, I have to work, I have to do this etc.

It is all so incorrect. The fact that you do not have the time is simply code for “I am not willing too,” or “I don’t want too,” or “I simply do not see the value.” I rather be told flat out I don’t want to do that. Sometimes I do think that if I got honesty I would get, “what works for you won’t work for me.” We are different. I know we are. That is why we have so many different ways to get to the overall goal.

It is about Priorities! The time that we have in the day comes done to living our priorities not our obligations. All too often we live our days by the obligations that we have. We spend time addressing them and all of a sudden the day is over. We say to ourselves we will get to it tomorrow. The problem is the following day is another day of obligations. All of a sudden weeks and months go by. We do not do all the things that we want to do. We wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and now they are in their twenties. WOW! How did we miss it? Living our obligations not our priorities.

THE BUCKET LIST! – I have a question for everyone to ponder. Why do we wait until we are old to start our bucket list. We wait until we retire. We wait until we have the TIME! The truth is we wait until we realize that if we do not do it now we may die without the opportunity. We take things for granted when we are younger believing that we will always have the chance. I may die tomorrow and I will not have went skydiving, walked the golden gate(this weekend), been to Europe, taken the kids to Disneyworld and so many other things that I want to do. Why have I not done any of these things? I was too busy living my obligations. In the last few months I began to realize this and I am working hard on never using the time excuse again. I will not lie to someone and tell them I do not have the time. I will tell them I don’t want too. It is hard sometimes because I just finished saying I would like to. Yes, I do understand that money can sometimes be an obstacle so be honest and figure out how to overcome it.

A few things that I do not have time for to conclude the post. I do not have time for excuses, self pity, worry, worrying about my finances, worry about whether or not you like me, wait for my opportunity, yesterday, to drown in divorce sorrow, to wait for an opportunity, to be sad, and so many other things. I have the time to stop and impact someones life, I have the time to be myself each day, I have the time to be a father, friend, coach, trainer, and any other thing that I am passionate about. I have the time to change for the better. Why do I have the time? IT IS MY PRIORITY TO LIVE LIFE and DO WHAT MAKES ME SMILE BECAUSE WHEN I DO THAT I CAN IMPACT OTHERS IN A POSITIVE WAY! Don’t be afraid to make time for your priorities. You may never look back at living a life of obligation!

In the words of Yo Pal Hal Elrod, “Time is the most precious commodity, you never get it back once it has gone by.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am honored to have had your time today. Thank you for making Detrimental Dialogue a priority.

Mathew Freeman “Dare to be real and raw”

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