How to spot a true friend!

This weekend as I sat in the service I was taken back by Jonathan’s commitment to David. The things that he would do for David were amazing and they withstood the test of time. The story of Saul’s son and the complete humility that he showed and the desire to put another first was astonishing. Our Pastor followed that story to describe 3 very important principles that determine how to spot a true friend and how to be a true friend. (all the information is straight from Spring Hills Community Church not mine!) I am sharing it because it was impactful and I hope it works for you.

  1. Don’t be jealous of your friends success – I have definitely had times where I was envious of one of my friends successful runs. It was generally when I was struggling and that envy can kill a relationship quickly.
  2. Always tell your friend the truth – Sometimes the truth can hurt but they deserve to hear it just as you deserve to hear the truth from them.
  3. Never try to control your friends life – There are times that we believe that we know what is best for a friend. In the end let them make the decision that is right for them and then support it!

The principles came at a very important time in my life. I am competitive by nature and I found myself envious of a friends success. That is a terrible feeling. I am glad that I was able to hear this and my hope is that it comes at a good time for someone else.  

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