CLIENT: Victoria Schwartz

The obstacle that would have prevented me from hiring a personal fitness coach would definitely be money. As a college student I don’t have a whole lot to spare. Matt was not only very understanding of this, but willing to work out a way that I could still reach my fitness goals while keeping it in my budget.

I’ve received encouragement and a wealth of information about everything from fitness to nutrition from Matt. He has positively changed the way I view and approach both, making it easier to maintain a regular gym schedule and the healthy lifestyle I want to have.

What I like most is that the workouts are never the same. It’s always new – you never know what to expect, but they’re always great workouts.

Furthermore, Matt has helped me reach new limits I didn’t even know I was capable of. That’s a pretty good feeling. He’s also extremely flexible with scheduling and working around a budget, even one as small as mine. And finally, that it’s all about positive encouragement. I never feel pressured or judged, only 100% positive support.

I would definitely recommend Matt! Not only am I reaching my fitness goals, but I am learning healthy habits I can use to maintain the active lifestyle I want to have.

Matt is great!! If you are tired of diet fads and ready to seriously reach your fitness goals Matt can get you there safely and healthily.