CLIENT: Rachael Gonzalez

For years I never considered myself athletic…I guess it was fear that kept me from hiring a fitness coach initially & the thought and worry of what people would think when they saw me! That was always in the back of my mind…what would a large middle-aged women be doing in a gym with a fitness trainer?

I found so many layers of scar tissue that were constantly the reasons for my own self-sabotage. For 30 years I could not succeed in any weight loss plans because of my lack of self-worth and putting my own personal needs last.

Hiring Mathew Freeman as my personal trainer and life coach helped me to believe in myself, push through the obstacles that held me back for so long with his constant coaching and caring.

Let me rephrase that….I did not just show up to train with him 2x a week, go home and call it day…if that was the case I would have faltered 1000x. Matt could see right through me when emotions or life situations weakened me, he knew when I was trying to quit on myself and he never let me get away that easy.

His ability to connect with me and provide me examples or scenarios that would open up 1 layer after another is what has made my journey so incredible.

Matt has been my trainer for just over 3 years and he has opened my mind to so many amazing opportunities, I now have no fear of what I am capable of doinghis belief in me is something no one has ever showed me before. If Matt believes I am worthy and capable of achieving all my goals how could I not feel the same way about myself? How many people can say that about another person? One thing for sure…I no longer care what people think of me when I want to work out!


What I love most is the program is always evolving & challenging. Lifting heavy weights, rowing sprints, flipping tires or tabata boxing plus so much more! When you leave one of your sessions you really feel like you just nailed it.I feel strong and confident each time we workout and look forward to the next session.

Another benefit is the coaching and mentoring sessions, sometimes when you least expect it. Matt is intuitive and he just knows when is the right time to go for a walk or stand in a corner and just hammer it out. What sticks out the most is when he just ad-libs and he puts it right out in front of you, then relies on personal examples to help with coaching. It’s a gift!


I recommend his service to many and often for all the reasons above. Everyone should have a life coach in working towards their personal goals. Matt especially has a unique give of helping you with your fitness goals and understanding personal challenges. No cookie cutter or text book answers! He can on a dime help you when you are stuck or feel like you want to quit. I never thought a trainer or coach was a long-term relationship until now. It is truly the best investment I have ever made for myself.

If you’re trying to figure out why you can’t achieve your fitness or nutrition goals then you should consult with Matt. He can help you and hopefully you will be as grateful as I am! You won’t regret it!!