CLIENT: Noelle Hoffman

Meeting Matt has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to take my fitness to the next level but wasn’t quite sure what that meant. Lucky for me Matt and I had a mutual friend and thanks to her recommendation I began my new road to fitness.

I truly valued my initial consultation with Matt and it was then that I knew I wanted to work with him. The day we met was an interview of sorts, he asked me a bunch of questions, and had a genuine interest in knowing me personally and my goals.

The first meeting was for both Matt and I to see if we in fact wanted to work together. Matt wasn’t just another trainer who recruited clients for the monetary gain; he has invested interest in clients on many levels. This makes him unlike anyone else.

I have honestly watched my body transform before my very eyes as a result of Matt’s fitness training and nutritional guidance. He as taken me to a fitness level I never knew I was capable of.

I would hands down not only recommend him as a personal trainer but suggest that if you have the opportunity to work with him do so because it will change your life.
A million thank you’s!!!