CLIENT: Jaime Hoffman

The obstacle that would have prevented me from hiring a personal fitness coach would have been cost. After getting started and seeing results, I realize this is more of an investment in myself than an “expensive activity”.

There have been many results in hiring Matt as a personal fitness coach.

Firstly, Matt has helped me see my fitness potential. I never knew I could be this strong and I love it!

Secondly, I also found that my commitment to Matt and his commitment to me is a great motivator. I’ve built a strong relationship with Matt and keeping my commitment to him is just as important as his to me; I’m always on time and I appreciate his flexibility when needed.

Not only is Matt a great fitness coach, but also a good friend. He cares about his clients and their well being. I think it’s safe to say he doubles as a life coach for many clients.

What I like most is how motivational Matt is during our workouts. I can count on him to keep me honest and get the best out of my workout.

Another benefit I enjoy is Matt’s knowledge. Matt is a well rounded coach who really teaches about nutrition alongside the training to maximize the benefits.

Matt is always bringing new ideas and exercises each time we meet, which makes each session new and exciting. I like how Matt uses photos and videos to help correct my form. It’s easy to fix something when you’re able to see yourself.

I would definitely recommend Matt to everyone I know looking to reach their fitness goals! Matt cares for his clients and their well-being and happiness. I never leave a session thinking “I wish I didn’t go today”. I’m always happy I work out with Matt!