Fitmark Bag Special Feature: If Not now, When?

I was fortunate to be allowed to write for Fitmark bags. If you do not know who the company is take a minute to learn about them. Click Here!

I have been given this opportunity because this company stands for spreading the word of health and fitness in the most positive light. They know that there are a lot of talented, motivated advocates of the health and fitness world and they want to share their word. I am lucky enough to be one of them. Here is the most recent article I was blessed to have the opportunity to write: If Not Now, When? 

As an individual who loves to write I am so thankful to Mark Samuel and his company for providing this chance. I have written for many websites and papers before and I am appreciative of every opportunity. You can get a discount on one of the bags from the site by using the following code on the following site:

Use code mathew20 to get 10% off you new Fitmark Bag. 
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