Feeling like a balloon with a hole!

Today was awesome and tonight was rough. Have you ever had those days where you feel like all is going in the right direction. You are filled with joy and passion and excitement only to have it run out of you like a balloon with a hole. You the end the day feeling like a flat tire.  I am sure you have heard that we should not go to bed angry. Well recently I learned from Hal Elrod that we should affirm what our day will be like the following day. We should end the day with Gratitude for what we have and affirmations for how we will wake up. Actually I learned more than that but go see for yourself by clicking his name above. If we go to bed flat we will wake up flat and will likely not have slept well.

Today was one of those days. Today I woke up in a great mood. Day 14 of the miracle morning. I did some reading and prayer. A modified Miracle Morning. I got to work early and started to work on somethings I needed to do for my business. Helping people achieve fitness goals. I scheduled some appointments and made the necessary contacts. I went to my eye exam. They actually said my eyes are healthy and reduced my prescription. I do have a slight astigmatism. I left there with my cool glasses as my eyes were dilated and I came back to the office and scheduled a few more group fitness workouts. My partner came by and we made some progress. Then I went to get my children. Always a  very happy moment for me. However, today I had a conference call at 515 and I was selected to speak as one of four participants from the miracle morning challenge. I was selected to share my takeaways. It was an honor. When I got home I set the kids up with a movie and that was the start of the down-slide. That was the beginning of the hole.

The call went well and toward the end my phone dropped. It was a sign that I needed to be paying attention to my children. I am always with them 100% when they are here as I have limited time. Tonight I was distracted. They were not my focus and I know how that feels. I felt bad inside but my actions did not support that. Cheap talk. My youngest and I made dinner. The oldest and I got in a fight and the little one played. I made a call and that did not go very well and should not have even been made. I had to take a moment to myself. My kids being the amazing people they are came and supported me in their best way. I had reached out to a friend asking for assistance to get through the setback and the response hurt. Following that response I received another text referencing an earlier communication track and that one hurt. I was starting to doubt and question. I was getting into my own head. I was letting the view of a few effect my outlook and change my heart. I was ignoring the kids who were loving me as they know my “REAL” heart. I put the kids in the bath and engaged in a text off. The conversations came full circle and ended as well as they could have. However, my kids were feeling neglected. I was not there for them tonight. They need me to be on when they are here. They are adjusting to so much right now. I got back in the moment in time to help my oldest with homework and plan our upcoming date night. I held and hugged the little ones. They are in bed asleep now. The boy, Eli, is anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy. $10 she is bringing him. I think I need to knock all my teeth out. When I am done here I will reflect on the day. I will affirm what the day will be like tomorrow. Tomorrow I have so much to do before I get the kids from daycare. Tomorrow I will not be stray from them. This balloon will stayed filled with air. There will be no punctures here tomorrow.

Mathew Freeman “Dare to be real and raw.”

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  1. Marina
    Marina says:

    “Tonight I was distracted. They were not my focus and I know how that feels. I felt bad inside but my actions did not support that. Cheap talk. ”

    I can relate to this statement very much, Matt. Lately, I have been realizing I’ve been taking time with my son for granted, trying to get 101 million things done around the house…texting…squeezing some time in for the internet…working. And while in the moment, I feel bad, but I don’t necessarily change my actions. I’m not being “in the moment”…and I know better than this. In the end, I cope with it, but telling myself I’ll be better tomorrow, but I don’t always follow through. Why do I do this? Selfishness? Working Full-time? Relying on my husband to be “in the moment” with our son, while I do unimportant things? Either way, I’m aware of the issue, and will try harder … because at least for me, it really sucks knowing my son isn’t getting my 100% attention. All those little things in life, can wait. My laundry will be there tomorrow…but my son or family might not. Thanks for your post.


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