Enough is Enough! 4 reasons why Beachbody products work!

PS at the bottom of the page I have including the audio notes that inspired the post. If you don’t like to read scroll down and listen to the audio. Then read the article:)

We have all reached that point in our life where we have said enough is enough………whether it be a relationship, weight loss, or family issues. There are several things that we do when we hit that point. Today, I want to talk a little about health and wellness and that aspect.

Recently, I received a message from a long time friend and they said enough is enough what can we do? This person has several options but let’s talk a little bit about what happens normally when we hit this point. We generally:

1) sign up for a new gym membership and start going five days a week at 5 am or at night.

2) We either do heavy weights or heavy cardio because that is our preference and our comfort zone or we go the classes that are offered at the gym buffet style

3) We have no plan of attack aside from I am going to make this change happen

4) We either start a crash diet at the same time for total body shock or we eat the same or less than we had been which both can be unhealthy.

5) We have a workout partner that is doing the same thing but as soon as they let us down we let ourselves down. Saying, well since JJ can’t be there I will wait until tomorrow.

6) In some cases we do hire a fitness trainer and tell them our ambitious goals and therefore we get ambitious programs. This leads to fatigue and hurt. Then we associate the gym with pain and slowly start going less until we no longer go.

Does any of this sound familiar? Has this ever happened to you? It was me so many times I cannot count. A goal and desire without direction and a plan. Not to mention the limiting beliefs that are assigned to these tasks. If we associate “working out” as something we have to do for others or “painful” we generally will not last. It is not until we change our beliefs and learn that exercise and health will change all aspects of our life. We have to associate exercise as a “must” in our day because it makes us feel great, it’s fun or it’s our free time. We have to find exercise that does not feel like exercise like riding a bike, a horse, running, swimming, weight lifting and then we have to mix it up to make sure that it does not get monotonous.

Here are 4 reasons why Beachbody Products work!

  1. Definitive Time Frame and Variety – All of the programs come with a calender and a system. That way when we start the new routine we know the definite end date. No year long contracts. The only contract is to enjoy yourself one day at a time for 90 days. Each system mixes it up with a variety of different workouts. Let’s take P90X for example. There are 12 different routines from yoga, kenpo, cardio, plyometrics, and many more. Tony Horton mixes it up for you. All you have to do is schedule the time and push play! You may retort that you will get sore and stop like the fitness trainer example but every CD shows modifications and it is at your pace not the trainers.
  2. Direction – The trainers that have created these programs spent thousands of hours and dollars developing programs that work. They provide step by step direction, move description, workout creation and time spent on each routine. It is all set up for you with the calender to mark the days like a child does before Christmas. We all know what happens on December 25th. Yes you get a present a healthy fit you!
  3. Community – There is always someone working out in WOWY. The online community is amazing and there are several participants on the DVD so you are never alone with your workouts. I am messaged and facebooked by 4-5 people every night to meet them in WOWY to get our workouts done. A community of individuals that know exactly where you are at!
  4. Nutrition Plan – Not only do you get a custom meal plan as a club member with Team Beachbody but you get meal plans and tips with every program. I know more now about nutrition than I ever have in my life. Plus you have a community of support to ask questions and assist you.

Now, there is so much more that I could talk about but I have gone on enough. In order to have real change in your health and wellness it has to become a way of life. You have to determine that it is more important fun and exciting to do than not to do. I have posted the audio clip that were my notes and thoughts for this post in the car. Listen to it as it is different than the post. Always works out that way!


If you are ready to start on your journey I would love to assist you  www.mathewfreeman.com and join me today for free.

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  1. Nick Galvan
    Nick Galvan says:

    We go way back and I can personally tell you, someone who is gonna be 31 and in great shape, that I strongly disagree with your blogs! I have been working out, swimming, lifting weights, and even trained (MMA) with people like Chuck Liddell over the last 10 years, doing all this with an open mind and giving it all a chance. All have been great but none compare to training with LP . I have known LP for 15 years and NOBODY does it it like he does. His equipment is top of the line and CANNOT be found in any gym. His motivation and tips on healthy eating are awesome. I am a health teacher and specialize in nutrition and know that he speaks the truth. I do not agree with your blogs and or your self promotion. I challenge you to try his class and judge for yourself. I have seen and experienced LP train people in a way where they push themselves, yet train at a level that is comfortable for them. LP is a trainer who makes you feel good about yourself, helps motivate people, and pushes you to a fitness level you never thought you could reach. LP uses simple techniques and words of motivation to push people to their limits. After it is all said and done, he preaches nutrition and treating your body right. His philosophy isn’t all about lifting…Its all about a healthy, well balanced life style. So before you post another blog about how trainers will leave you feeling like a failure, I challenge you to go and try LP’s fitness class. It will change your views!


  2. Matt Freeman
    Matt Freeman says:

    First I want to thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback and all that you have said.
    Let’s first say that I never once said that LP is not a phenomenal trainer nor did I mention his name in my blog. It would be ignorant to say so. I subscribe to his magazine and respect what he has done in the industry. I am not sure where that came from. There are many ways to get in great shape. I talk about what has worked for me. If my wording left you feeling like I was knocking a gym then I apologize. I have a gym membership and I talk a lot about nutrition with others. I am a firm believer in clean eating. I would love to do his class. I am a work in progress and learning. I speak about what I know has happened to me in my life. My blog is an online journal. I will say to you the same thing I said to the last person that felt I was shining a negative light on trainers.

    What I care about most is that those who do not make exercise and health a part of their lifestyle do so. I believe that it is a necessity. So many people do the same thing over and over with little result. Then they end up doing nothing. The point was we all reach a breaking point and when we do we should do something about it. I expressed what worked for me. I am sorry if you felt that it was delivered poorly and you are entitled to your opinion.

    Please let me clear the air though and state that I was not trying to knock personal trainers and I apologize if it came out that way.


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