Don’t drink the poison!

Do you care what others think about you? Do you let what they say slow you down? Do you let the negativity and the name calling and the beat downs occur? What is your response when someone comes at you with what is simply not the truth or the facts?

Honestly speaking, I always take it personal. I wish that I did not take it this way but I do. I actually care what others think and I actually try to see if there is any truth to it. After all my mirror doesn’t lie to me does it? Many times we get caught up in the path that we have chosen so much that we do not even hear the outside perspective. That perspective may be the very thing you need to get passed a roadblock or a plateau. This is a good thing if it is perspective. IF IT IS POISON directed to create doubt, hurt you, or belittle you then check it at the door. I had a mentor once that said, “if people are not talking about you it means that you are not doing anything.” I meditate on that thought sometimes and remember an article I once read about Barnum and Bailey. Barnum and Bailey would report negative news to the press to get interest. They would also have side stunts go around the town to lure people back to their show and then the famous come one come all would get them in the door. I am personally not a fan of negative attention and that is what has me down the last day. However, I try to remember that if I was not doing something it simply would not be there. I will continue my mission to enrich the lives that I come across. I have been blessed by so many and the least that I could do is work to return the favor. Without the whole story assumptions are made and the facts are distorted. If all the facts were correct we might not be reading this article. The facts in this case are distorted. I know that but for some odd reason it still seems to hurt. I think because I know that this is one person or entity I may never be able to help. Good to know it is not my job to do the healing itself it’s only my job to spread the word.

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