Do you care what others think?

I don’t know about you but I have spent way too long caring about what others think of me. There are always going to be those that misinterpret what you are trying to say, don’t like you for some reason, or simply want to get under your skin to see you squirm. The last several years I squirmed and squirmed and it has weighed heavy on me. I think that those who know me real well know my true intentions. I will admit that I need to work on delivery. I will admit that I am rough around the edges. I will admit that I speak what I think and it is not always very well received. My sister who knows me well once said to me, “Matt the thing that I admire and hate about you at the same time is you always speak your mind. You have made me look at myself in the mirror when I have not wanted too and that pisses me off. However, I know why you do it and where your heart lies so after the initial anger I am always thankful you are my brother.” Now you have to understand that my sister 8 years my senior did not want me when I was being born. She did not want to share the time with mom. The good news is she has always been there for me no matter what a lesson I am to learn.

Why do I care what others think? Honestly, I liked to be liked and I like to help. That stems from my own discomfort in my own skin. If I was absolutely comfortable with who I am today then I would not worry about what others say because I know the truth. The words challenge me to second guess and wonder if the message was received that way by others. The biggest place this comes out is in my blog. People who enjoy what I have written and take good away from it do not comment many times. That is awesome. I don’t need the comment. The naysayers though are quick to post and let you know how they feel. Comments are feedback and when the feedback in general is more negative then positive then it is natural to question.

Action Items:

1) find ways to learn to love who you are. Know that you are created perfectly, exactly the way you were supposed to be. It is our job to find the fuel inside us that ignites passionate living!

2) When you feel the negativity immediately change your mood by doing something that you know makes you smile (Tony Robbins taught me this one.) Change your state, change your environment.

3) Take the feedback and smile and move on with what you know in your heart to be true.

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  1. joe
    joe says:

    Like it, Matt. Thanks for your heart. We should fear God, not man really,
    1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength
    2. Love your neighbor as yourself

    Alot of people remember the second but not the first.-



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