Competing with your Best Friend

I had the awesome opportunity this past weekend to train and to compete with my best friend. I don’t believe that there are too many individuals that get to say that. Often we may compete at the same event or in a similar race but this competition our score was based on a combined effort. If either of us struggled the other struggled with them. If either of us did well the other was lifted up with them. It was truly an experience that only experience can capture what it meant but Im gonna try to explain anyways.

Friday, April 11th, Chazmith,Eli and my Aubrey all left to head to Redding. It was the evening prior to the competition. It had been a light week of training. The timing could not have been any better. It was a reload week for the strength program and our schedules included body work and massage .  So needless to say I felt well rested. It was also the first full week that we had committed to Zoning. (Zoning) is another way to track your nutrition and is done by counting blocks not calories. For the two of us it was an increase in carbohydrates. Another good thing in preparation for a heavy day of training. We hit a lot of traffic along the way. Traffic is never fun but we all just spent time chatting and strategizing for the weekend. The kids were excited to see the family and we were as well. We stopped along the way to beta  little bit of food in Vacaville and then we pressed on to Redding. We arrived about 9pm.  We visited for a little bit and then decided to get some sleep for the next day. Well I think that we both tried to sleep but it was THAT kind of sleep. Yes you know the nervous excited type of sleep that has you tossing and turning all night long. We woke up the next day prior to the alarm and we got ready to head to Breakfast. The first stop of the day, The Country Waffle. My family all work at this little spot and we love to eat there as it tastes wonderful and we get all the nutrients we need. From there it was time to go to the first location and check in.

The first stop was Crossfit 530. There we had to check in, fill out the waiver and choose our egg. After all the official rules were explained to each of us everyone opened the egg. Inside the egg was the first destination of five. This was the only workout on the list that was predetermined in your order. Otherwise we had the choice of how we wanted to complete the workouts. The scorecard gave clues to what the workouts were but none of them quite fully described what they were. Strategy was important but since we had no choice other than to head to Crossfit Reading to see what “Hill-en” meant we jumped in the car and left. On the ay we scouted the other workouts. North State Crossfit was 100 DB Snatches and muscle ps or pull-ups depending on whether you did scaled or RX, Anderson River was an am rap in 10 minutes but we did not know what, Jefferson State was some sort of am rap and snatches but who knew and Crossfit 530 was Butchers and Farmers. We googled “butcher and cross fit” to learn that meant sled pushes. So as we headed to Crossfit Redding we began to formulate a plan. Tentatively we figured we would do Redding, then Anderson River, North State or Jefferson State and finish at 530. As we were finishing the plan we  pulled into Crossfit Redding and went inside to warmup and learn what “Hill-en” meant.

So as we went inside we walked up to the board and this was what “Hill-en” meant:


3 rounds 600m hill run(300 each) 42 American swings 53/35 and 24 pull ups. We decided that our strategy would be that she would run first an we would divide the swings 11/11/10/10 and then pull ups 4/10/4/6. We did pretty well. We finished in 14:29 which put us at about 16th or so in the RX division. The second part to the Redding workout was a mace throw. This is a steel ball with a long handle. It looks like a shot put on the end. The total meters as a team was recorded. We ended up with 20.08meters. This put us 3rd in the scaled division. One of the competitors was like 6’7″ and threw it 20+ himself lol. The fact that Chaz hates to run and we still placed well was awesome. One day and the nerves were essentially gone. I am glad that we started on this workout in the end. After the workout was over we had to decide where to go and what to eat. We decided that a protein shake and some fruit would be awesome. Basically a two block snack. We also decided to head to Anderson River Crossfit because we heard there was running and we figured lets just get it done with. So it was back in the car and off we went.

After arriving at Anderson River Crossfit we went to the board to get the skinny. IMG_6561
As you can see by the board: 10 minute Amrap 400 meter run each, 60 wall balls, 40 burpee box jumps, then Power clean and Jerk(men) Power Clean(women) in the remaining time. Score was the 100 reps plus the cleans. We had a decision to make here. Chaz could do all the workout RX except the power cleans. We could keep it RX and count only my cleans or have her scale the cleans and keep the rest rx, or do it all scaled. The scaled was too easy as the targets for wall ball and weight significantly decreased and the weight of the clean for me went to 55. We wanted to make sure that no matter what we challenged ourselves to the point we felt we could so we decided to RX everything but Chaz’s cleans. After all was said and done we scored a 142 and that placed us second in the scaled division. Even if you scale one thing it’s scaled and we were proud that we still placed 2nd with only making the one adjustment. This workout was a lot of fun., I got experience getting no rep’d on a box jump as I was trying to make up time. We also felt like we made the right choices as far as pushing ourselves to our limits. So the question from here was what’s next. We decided that we would head to Jefferson State because they had squat snatches and neither of us can do that so we knew we had to scale this one. So after some protein and fruit we hit the road.

Going to Jefferson State was really fun. It was the smallest of all the boxes but it also had Bella the Bulldog. This obviously fired Chaz up. She loves bulldogs. The downside was it was hard to get her to concentrate on the task at hand. Like a little kid she ran around chasing the dog and harassing the owner. This is also the place that we met Hannah and Ruth. They became our workout pals. The workout here was the squat snatches so we went right to the scaled version. 8 minute am rap of 15 ab mat sit-ups and power snatch 75/45.

IMG_6573The goal was snatch the whole time your partner did their sit-ups and then switch. I felt like we were doing a version of 14.1 over again. Snatching like crazy………I feel like in the end we did really well on this and the numbers said the same thing as we placed first in the scaled division with 104 reps. The only reps that counted were the snatches. The sit-ups were simply to keep the partner busy. The man here in the picture was the man that I mentioned earlier with the long mace throw. His name was Joe and he and his partner were really cool. The experience at Jefferson State was a lot of fun. The crowd was fun and the fact that the box was so cozy made for a really fun environment. At this point I was starting to feel like I knew my way around Redding like a seasoned veteran. With two more workouts to go we had some decisions to make. My Mom and the kids were going to meet us at the next one to watch. The last two workouts were dumbbell snatches and sled pushes. We decided to head over to North State Crossfit because my mom texted and said they were there. Easy decision at that point. Same routine of protein and fruit and we headed over to workout number 4.


North State Crossfit is one of our personal favorites. We have trained there more than a handful of times and we feel really comfortable there. When we arrived the kids were in the kids play area going crazy. We did some mobility work because we were feeling like we were tightening up a bit. So again we had to make some choices. The workout was a 7 minute amrap of 100 DB snatches + muscle ups for the remaining time. The weights for the snatches were 70 and 45 male/female. Although I can do a 70 lb snatch Chaz didn’t feel comfortable with a 45 and I knew that if I had to do more than 60 it was not gonna happen. I also cannot muscle up so the scaled version was 45/30 and pull ups remaining time. I would have liked the mens scaled to be a little heavier like 55 but we went on with scaled. We flew threw the snatches and had like 3 minutes of pull ups. We completed 79 of those bad boys. I ripped about 55 reps in so we slowed considerably the last minute to 90 seconds. So our final score for this wod was 179 and we were told that was 1st place by a long shot. The best part of this workout though was watching my best friend seriously rep out pull ups like crazy. Not only did she go rep for rep with me on the snatch until late in the 70’s she was crushing the pull ups with great form as always. So HOT!!!!!! My mom filmed the entire workout and after we were done my daughter would not give me a hug. “Dad, don’t touch me with those hands but good job.” I really felt so awesome to have my family there. You have to lead by example and it was great for my children to see that I have no problem putting in the workout and they also got to see teamwork. 4 down and 1 to go. So we all packed up and headed out to Crossfit 530 where the day began…….


The workout was Butchers and Farmers. We probably could have done the RX but at this point we were pretty toast and the fact was Chaz really had no clue what type of sled she could push. It was a first for her. We had to wait a long time to get this workout in. The line was long and the heats were slow. The scaled was 10 Butchers alternating (5 each) and then a 200 m farmer carry with 53/35 Kettlebells. Every time the KB hit the ground 5 team burps. I am happy to say that we were able to grind out the walk without setting them down. My mom took lots of photos here.


We finished the workout in 8:48 and that was good enough for 2nd in the scaled division. The day could not have turned out any better at this point. The last stop was to head back to Crossfit Redding for the awards and the announcements. We really felt at this point that we had a good chance of winning the scaled competition and were excited to see how we would have placed in the RX division for the workouts we did RX. We took our score card went to car and ate some real food proud. Proud of each other, proud of our accomplishments and proud of the way we communicated throughout the day. It was steam building event went well. Shoot we even got to invite some people to our church. Small world.


We got back to Crossfit Redding and turned in our scorecard. After some food and some mingling with all the others that worked hard and had some fun throughout the day we were gathered for the announcements. The owner talked about how he loved the scaled competitors because it was often there first experience competing. For chaz as I said first ever competition in her life and for me it was my first Crossfit Competition. They announced 3rd and then 2nd and that is when it all happened. I looked over and the smile on Chaz’s face was something that I could never forget. She was not gonna fully let it out until she heard but you could see that she felt like she had done it. She won something and it felt amazing. For me I have one before but never with my best friend. Never have I found the type of joy that I felt when I saw her light up as they announced our names. Not only had we traveled to come play, we had one and represented the Sonoma county area. A perfect completion to an already amazing day…………….However, it did not end there. We got to go out with the family to dinner. Spending time with the family and listening to Chaz explain her experience just kept getting better.

Training and competing with your best friend in tandem is an experience I hope that everyone gets to have. #Couplesinmotion is a dream that Chaz and I want to share. As you can see in the photos below the day was a success……………

IMG_6597 IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6602


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