Breakfast in Sonoma County #1: Food Bar Petaluma

Thanks to a friend, I decided to start a review blog on the top breakfast spots in Sonoma County. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I have been traveling to different spots for quite some time and trying them out. Of course like any review this is subjective but I have a great opinion lol. As many of you already know I take my food very seriously and see it as a vital component to our overall success in Health and Wellness. So on to the Food Bar. All ratings will be out of 5 stars. 

Location: Petaluma California on the main boulevard. This can make parking a little hard to find but there are spots and it is worth the effort. (4 Stars)

Menu: The menu was simple and easy too read. The layout was great and the prices were reasonable. The options that you are given range from fun waffles and pancakes, to omelets, scrambles and more. All the food was farm fresh that I could see and made with great ingredients. I decided to have the Food Bar Scramble with Angus Beef. Served with home fries and your choice of toast. I do not eat toast and was offered a fruit cup for no additional change. The scramble had a tofu vegetarian option and included onions, mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese along with the egg and potatoes. This cost $12. I also ordered a side of applewood smoked bacon (2 slices) $4. I topped it off with some coffee and my meal was complete. (4 Stars)

Taste: The taste was magnificent. Very fresh and very clean. I enjoyed each bite. the bacon really had a great crispness and I could taste the applewood flavor with every bite. I would have loved more potatoes but that is always the case at every restaurant I go to. The eggs were definitely farm fresh and the coffee that was served was good. The saltiness of the feta ties the dish together nicely. There was not one overpowering ingredient. The dish was proportioned nicely.  (5 Stars)

Cost: My total bill was $15.70 and to be honest I really didn’t look but that does not make sense. Unless it was 18.70 and I read the number wrong. Good thing I tip well. Either way she got a great tip. The math makes more sense to be $18.70 but I really do not recall. Either way when I go out to breakfast, dish + side dish + coffee I average $19- 25 a shot before I tip. Getting out of there dropping $23 felt like a steal. I would say that they are average though as far as the menu costs for what they provide. Just the right cost for the quality and quantity mixture. (4 Stars)

Service: Many of you probably know that I grew up the son, brother, nephew of servers. I have been a server and spent much of my life in a restaurant seeing 3 entirely different approaches to serving. I can be extremely critical of service but I also understand what it is like when you are slammed, the bussers are not helping and the cooks are in a mood. I walked in and was immediately greeted and offered a spot at the counter. There were menus already present but it was not long before I was offered coffee and a water. The lady was friendly and took my order. Then I was asked again for my order by another waitress. Clearly there was a communication mix up. However, I rather be over served than ignored. Food was served quickly and she followed up enough to feel the love but my one complaint is the following. They were closing early for Easter and I felt it. There is a tactful way to begin clean up and still make sure that the customers get the love they deserve. I felt like there were times that the check in was more like when are you going to be done than are you enjoying yourself. While I was not rushed I did feel the desire to have us finished. (4 Stars)

Ambiance: This deserves another trip to the place because of the fact that it was Easter. They were busy and closing early and as I said in service you felt it a little. However, the place is quaint and decorated nicely. The space is small and cozy and there is a bar space for singles. The noise was not too loud or too quiet. Of course the hustle and bustle of downtown is right outside of you and I like that. Overall I like the ambiance. (4 stars)

Healthfulness: This would not be a good blog if I did not include the healthfulness of the food. As a certified nutrition coach I would highly recommend this place. Their meals serve a good balance of all three macronutrients for the most part. There is a variety for vegan/vegetarian and also the lovers of grains. On the flip side their were plenty of options for those of us that limit the types of foods that we take in. Farm Fresh and ready to eat gives this place the edge that other restaurants do not get. (5 Stars)


Overall Score: 4.28

Recommendation: I would definitely add this place to your list of go to restaurants for Breakfast. Just a few blocks from the Box I train in this makes it a top choice for me.