Belief/Desire/Decision: Daily Quotes from Brian Tracy

Think before you act and then act decisively. Fortune favors the brave. Brian Tracy Quote Book

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Blink. It talks about our ability to make quick, intuitive decisions from our subconscious that we may not be able to explain but often find to be correct. I have not finished the book but I have put some thought into many of the decisions I made from my gut. I have found that many of them have been for the better. This quotes asks us to think and I agree. It also calls us to act decisively.

Some of the risks that I have taken in life and floundered. Many times it was the risk that I thought about for way too long. Many times I have thought about it before it was done and after. This is not what Brian Tracy is saying. I believe we need to acknowledge our gut, think it through logistically to the best of our ability and then put in motion. Over thinking will hamper us all. So will a decision that is made only partially. If you make the decision, commit to it and believe!

Have a blessed day!

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