Be the rock that causes the ripple!

It is a beautiful day out. The sun is shining and the wind is just enough give you the chills. Before your eyes sits a calm lake of water smooth as glass. As you sit on the chair you hear the sound of others all around you whispering. What are they talking about? The thought is not exiting your mind. You sit in amazement of the water and wonder. Should I or should I not?

What is it that you are sitting trying to figure out this day before the water? Is it a new career, the beginning of your fitness journey, a commitment to God or a spouse? Why is the decision so difficult to make? Your staring at the water wondering what others may do or waiting for others to take the plunge. Is the water cold? Can you survive the water? What is in the water? What lies ahead of me if I make the decision?

Every action leads to a ripple affect. The affect of the ripple is what none of us may know. We simply know that the ripple will occur. Often times we wind up being the outer ring because we wait to engage. While all the rings of the ripple serve a purpose why not be the rock that causes the ripple? Why not be the one that sets the whole thing in motion?

I think that we often wait to see the ripple and where it will lead. There are many rocks and many ripples and nothing stopping you from being a rock that leads the very ripple. So stop sitting on the sideline listening to all the voices. The voices of others contemplating making that splash and go jump. Start the ripple today and feel the ripple affect in your life.

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