Are you playing for more than one team?

When I became a Christian I can honestly say that I was only Christian in outward acknowledgement. I was still friends with all the friends that I sinned with, I still said and did things that were sinful. I acknowledge that I will always be a sinner but I mean the sins that you know are sins and you do them anyway. The lust, the abuse of alcohol, the selfishness, the lie that we don’t call a lie, the giving to get not just for the sake of giving. You know the stuff.

So this morning I was thinking about the Tim Lincecum signing. The San Francisco Giants, a major league baseball team for those that do not know, resigned a pitcher that they have had on their team. It led me to think about professional sports. You see in the professional leagues players are moved around a lot. They are moved from team to team. When they are moved to a new team they have to leave behind the old team. They have to shut down areas of communication with those they have been playing with for the last several years. They have to abandon the old ways and learn the new. They have to become part of a new family. This is not always very easy. Many of them have had some great days at the previous club and made many good friends. However, the trade or the new deal was in their best interest. As I thought about this I thought about how the new team would be rather offended if this new teammate came to the clubhouse did their job (at least what they were expected to do) and then left to go hang out with the old team. If everything you did outside of when you were with the new team reflected a love for the old behavior or team how would the new team feel about that? I mean it would be awesome if we could play for one team and then run and play for another and then play for another but that simply is not the way. For better or worse you committed to that new team when you signed the contract. Sure you will miss the old team, sure they may be very good people, but you left the team to reach new heights. You left because for one reason or another the opportunity that was on the new team was in your best interest for you and the ones you love. (Sometimes players are traded because the team thinks they are not a good fit and the player has to accept that but even then it would be interesting to try to still hang with the old team right?)

I guess my point of all the rambling is that when you accept Christ in your life, you accept him as Lord and Savior, you have asked for forgiveness of sin etc. you often have to leave things behind. You have to make new friends and find new things to do. Your health journey is very similar. When you commit to eating better and exercising more you may have to say no to the BBQ and the kegger your friend is having for the game. You have to spend time with your new teammates. You have to find teammates that support your new journey. You have to find friends in the faith, or with the same eating habits and more. You may hang with the old team in the offseason but with boundaries. Contractual obligations that you cannot violate. Promises that you made to the new team, faith or way of life that you have to uphold. It is not always easy. The team that you left is not bad, they simply are not moving in the same direction as you. It’s ok to change to grow to move on. Be faithful to the team that your on by honoring yourself. Standing firm in your commitments while still loving everybody. Whether you were traded, released or ere a free agent that new team saw something in you. Whatever it is they saw in you can from a belief in you. You owe it to yourself and the ones that believed in you to give it your all.


Mathew Freeman

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