Accountability Pitfalls

Welcome back to another super optimistic, motivating post by non other than yours truly. WRONG! Sorry in this particular post I am going to call it what it is. We as individuals are lazy! We like to talk about all the things that we are going to do and actually do none of it. We like to say that life is in the way. I got to0 busy. You don’t understand I have kids. I was once pregnant and if you knew what that was like I simply cannot be skinny and in shape again. We like to create a million and one excuses to why we are not the person that others expect us to be. Why then do they expect us to be a certain way? That’s simple! It is what we keep telling them we want to be. I really wish I was this. I wish wish I was able to do that. I want to be like so and so. However, the work and the commitment to the work simply do not match the mouth. I am not immune to this but lately I have realized that I am tired of my own BS. I am also really tired of others BS.

At what point do you either accept yourself where you are at or step the heck up. Move toward these things that you want. Do you really want them or do you say it because you think that is what others want to hear? If we are your friends then I assure you we want to hear what you truly want. We also want to see you follow through on it. There is no greater joy than supporting a friend in accomplishing what it is they want to do. Today I am simply getting off my encouraging, supportive I understand position that I live in to tell you all a simple message: Take some accountability for what you want for once!

Now that I have that out of my system let me slip back into my own skin for a moment and tell you a few ways to do so:

1) stop pre-defining what the journey to that destination looks like and just simply start moving

2) Make sure it is what you want and not what others think you should want

3) You will never please everybody so start by pleasing yourself and I guarantee everyone will be happier you did

4) STOP TELLING YOURSELF DESTRUCTIVE LIES (you know the Im not worthy, I’m not capable crap!)

Stay Strong, Keep moving, Become fit!


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