MathewFreemanFitness-1168-Squat-400X600Looking all the way back to when I was a child I realize that I have always had a passion for coaching. Back then I seemed to believe that I would be coaching on a sideline of some sort. I believed that I would be coaching youth athletes on maximizing their potential on the field. I remember being on the grade school playgrounds and taking control of the situation. I would pick the captains, arrange the teams and then I would lead one of the teams. I was always the quarterback or the point guard. The older I got the more this idea of coaching began to emerge off the field. I was often the one that counseled others through difficult times. I was t!he one that people turned too for advice. It always felt very natural!MathewFreemanFitness-1183-Jump2-400X600

Then I left for college and for a brief moment abandoned this idea of coaching and teaching. I decided I wanted to be an engineer. Honestly, if I was being transparent I was good at math and I knew that engineers were paid very well. I was never deprived growing up but we never really had much in the way of money. I wanted to break that chain. 2.5 years into college I realized I had made a big mistake. Although my grades were good I was never passionate about engineering. I was not nearly as excited as my classmates. That is when I made the switch to Kinesiology and back into coaching. My first coaching job in college was for the Special Olympics. What an amazing experience that was. It was there that I remembered the feeling of s!omeone having an “aha” moment!

After graduating college I returned to California and accepted a job in the Real Estate Industry. I was a Mortgage Broker. Initially, I started out as a Loan Officer but I quickly created my own position within the company. I became the trainer of all the Loan Officers. I went right back to Coaching. I was able to do this for a pretty long time but as things shifted and our company closed I found myself just being a Loan Officer and feeling like something was missing. This was the point that my life made a huge turn…

MathewFreemanFitness-1136-SkipRope-400X600I followed my children back to Sonoma County. I was back in the area where I once graced the playgrounds and the fields both as a coach and a player. It was back in Sonoma County where I began hosting classes for fitness out of my home. As my home began to fill up fast I made a choice to take my degree and my personal experience to a Personal Training studio. It has been at this studio for the last four years that I have trained and coached so many unique personalities. I have done group coaching, small group coaching and individual coaching.

Over the last few years I have realized that most clients hire a trainer because they feel the need to lose weight and get toned. However, my experience has shown me that the majority need and wind up receiving so much more. I have called myself the “Mental Mind Coach for the Body” because I have learned that help with exercise and nutrition is a small portion of what I do. Truly when clients walk through that door they want help believing they’re worthy again. They want to regain that self confidence and swagger of before.

In the end, exercise and nutrition are a medium that allow me to work with individuals to create daily disciplines that will enhance the quality of life of my clients. Learning to schedule themselves into the day, appreciate the journey, redevelop a commitment to personal growth and have a stronger spiritual walk. Life experience and education have paved the path for me to share with others ways to accomplish these things. I love what I get to do. It is hard to put a title on it but when I think about it long and hard, Coach is what comes to mind.

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