A Comprehensive Health Plan by Ashley McTucker

So I am honored to be able to share an article here on mathewfreemanfitness.com that was written by my good friend Ashely Mctucker. Ashley has had an amazing fitness journey and she shares with the world all that she learned. When I asked her if she was willing to allow me to share with you what she had written the answer was Absolutely. Be sure to follow the link Coach Ashley in my blogroll to learn more about here and be sure to subscribe to her blog at:


Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s what just resounded in the background of my home. Its one of the truest statements that cannot be argued. The same goes for our bodies. We were not created in a day. It took 9 months if not longer for some. Why? Because its a solution as a whole. We have to have every part of ourselves properly developed in order to be able to fully function when we come into this world. Just as Rome had to be completed in order to be considered a functioning city. So what does this have to do with health & fitness you might be asking? Good question. Its what I’m here to address. So here we go.

Your body. Structured to keep you functioning on a day to day basis. Composed of a skeletal structure & muscle to support us. Covered in skin to protect our insides. Functioning in all areas for multiple purposes from the eyes to movement. We need every part to fully function as we were intended to. Well exercise & nutrition balance each other the same way. Its a complete system of combined elements that work in sync to get us to where we want to be. Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise & Supplementation. 4 of the compounds that make us lean, help us stay healthy, build muscle, helps with our cardiovascular health, keep us energized naturally & hydrated so we don’t dehydrate. We need every last bit of the equation for it to work for us.

So why can’t I eat what I want & do crunches or run everyday & get the results I want? First of all, if you aren’t applying the correct elements of becoming healthy from the inside out, your body just won’t respond. Sure for 30 days you might do most of the same thing 80-90% of the time & lose a couple pounds, but then it stops. Why? Because your body has become immune to what you are doing on a daily basis. It knows you aren’t gonna change your routine or eating, hydration & supplement habits so its no longer challenged. There’s no muscle confusion like Tony Horton has taught so many people. Even still I have people on these fabulous workout programs who won’t see results because they refuse or are just uneducated about how to incorporate all the ingredients of becoming healthy & fit, even if its staring them in the face.

All of us who get involved in health & fitness start from scratch.We come into this like babies beginning to walk not knowing everything we need to know immediately because its too much. So how do we do it? What steps do we take to learn how to become healthy & fit? We research. We go through trial & error by experimenting for ourselves. Sometimes we don’t listen to what is being said to us by professionals, even if we know deep down they are telling us these things for our own good. There is a cycle if you notice & it consists mostly of trial & error for ourselves.

Whether we see it or not, at the time we become upset, some give up, become depressed & figure its not worth it. What we don’t realize is during that process of finding what does & doesn’t work, we’re learning very important aspects of health & fitness. We are learning it as a whole & realizing that we need every single aspect of it to become successful & get the results we want. That should be the driving force for us not to give up because one thing didn’t work. It should build us up to become stronger so we can teach other people about what works for or against the body. Everyone is different. But one thing is for certain, what you put into your body, from food to hydration to the supplementation, it MATTERS. Our bodies cannot & were not created to process all this manufactured junk that’s been created. None of this stuff was around hundreds of years earlier. Everything was natural, from the earth & better absorbed by the body because none of the food was butchered with High Fructose Corn Syrups, sugars, fats & more. It was grown & consumed straight from the earth. Our fertilizers & the chemicals in soil these days are killing even our fruits & vegetables. We now have to be careful when we buy those & be sure to wash them thoroughly to avoid any contamination. Which is one of the very reasons I incorporate Shakeology in my daily eating regimen. Its truly amazing and completely pure & natural. What I can’t get from other foods, I can get from Shakeology.

The point of this is, you can’t just do a quarter or half of the equation & expect the results you want. It all comes together the way gas makes your car run. Without it, you’ll find us on the side of the road. If a tire blows out, it has to be replaced & the car is no good until it is. Well, if we blow out, because we choose to eat crap & drink sodas and high calorie sugar infested coffee & energy drinks, we have to replenish ourselves with water, clean food, vitamins & minerals to replace the nutrients we’ve lost to keep from dying out. We have to exercise our heart with cardio to keep it strong & healthy, we need to build muscle to support our bodies structure & maintain strong postures & we need stretch and Yoga to make gains in our strength. If you think that you can miss a few of these key elements to health & fitness, you’re gonna miss out on what your body can really become, be disappointed & feel like you’ve wasted your time with any of it.

Its one step at a time. Its one day at a time. Its one pound at a time. You’ll get there if you are consistent, pay attention to what you consume, practice all elements of exercise, pick up books to read & ask questions. Don’t be afraid to not know something about health & fitness. If you are new, ask people who know. Don’t go through what most of us do when we begin & try to figure this out on your own. There is tons of support from people everywhere. Find your soul mate fitness program, create a healthy diet & make a choice to live the lifestyle as a whole. You will reap all the benefits & more if you take the time to apply all elements that make the equation work.

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