A burp is just a gust of wind…………

Growing up my dad used to have a saying all the time and that saying was hammered into my memory. I think of it all the time and even recite it from my children from time to time. The saying started out “a burp is just a gust of wind that eases from the heart and sometimes takes a downward bound……….” The rest I will not finish because it is not relevant to this post. I was sitting here thinking about my Dad and all the things I love about him when this came to mind.

I started to think a little deeper about what was being said and it led me in an interesting direction……..I started to think about how everything has a start point. Everything originates from something. An idea, an organism, a part and eventually turns into something. At the point of origination you set out with a direction. Sometimes the direction is no direction. We have an idea of where we want to go and we head that way. Many great things have come out of this. However, many times along the way we hit a bump in the road or have to change course. Something happens and we have to change course. Like the burp we take a downward bound but in the end we come out as something entirely different. It comes out as exactly what it was intended to be.

I learned so many lessons from my dad. Even though I recently wrote on the struggles of the relationship I did learn and continue to learn from him. My life in the recent months has been one huge burp with many downward bounds. In the end I am confident that I am where I am supposed to be.

Take Away: Next time that your life takes a downward bound try to remember the burp. It was a gust of wind that eased from your HEART and the end of the bound it will come out as something as well. Life is full of direction changes. My question is are they direction changes or just different from the idea we had at the origination point. Our Idea not His Plan……………………………..

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