5 Things you should not wear in the gym

There are several outfits that I think are a no no in the gym. Some of them I have worn so as I sit here and criticize I also proclaim that I am guilty. The gym can be described here as any environment that you train in. I know that some of you will say that you train in your home so who cares right? Well I am sure the neighbor that passes by the garage or the roomie that turns into the living room may? Maybe you live alone and in this case none of this applies to you. So here we go:

  1. Pants or shorts that reveal your bottom when performing any exercise that requires bending – So I know that individuals that have lost a lot of weight have problems buying clothes that fit. They may think that they will gain the weight back or they have more to lose so they wear the too big pants or shorts. This is not ok with the rest of us.
  2. Cut off shirts that reveal your belly button, serratus, nipple and more – This is mainly for the men. This was the one that I was guilty of but as I age I realize I dont want to see another man’s nipple. Put it away. Cut the sleeves but leave the sides in tact.
  3. Bedtime shirts – Either tuck that shirt in or wear a shirt that fits. Ladies you are going to do mountain climbers, burpees, box jumps and more. Instead of tucking in your shirt every time or having the shirt slide up the back and over your head wear a shirt that fits. Be prepared.  
  4. Cut off jean shorts, sunglasses, see through yoga pants – Cut off jean shorts are a thing of the past. They are for the bodybuilders from the 80’s. Sunglasses should be obvious. Your not that cool and there is no sun in the gym. Unless your outside or have a prescription due to light sensitivity. Lastly, no one really wants to see your bottom so see through pants is (see number 1).
  5. Shorts that belong to your child – There is such thing as too short. As much as some men would argue shorts or sports bras that leave little too the imagination should be left as undergarments………..

There are more but these are simply a few that were going to me when I asked around…….Add your 2 cents at the bottom.

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