30 Day Challenge Details

Welcome. Chazmith and I are super excited that you are interested in the challenge group! You will find here answers to many of your questions, but here is a summary.

This challenge group has been set up to help create a community of individuals wanting to get to optimal health. 80% of weight loss is nutrition. Although we are not nutritionists, and do not claim to be, we wanted to create a way to share what we have learned. Through ongoing trial and error and countless hours of research and reading we decided to share what we have experienced. This group will allow us to share with multiple people at the same time, and address questions and concerns for everyone all at once, while providing support and accountability. There are not enough hours in the day to train (what we do best) and share this important information. For 30 days (and beyond) we will help guide you, encourage you, and help you attack a strict paleo adherence based on The Whole 30.

More Information will be provided upon registration such as suggested meals, snack options , dos and don’ts and much much more.


1.What is the purpose of the group?

The purpose of the group is to provide a community of individuals searching to find a healthier relationship with food, to provide accountability, information and encouragement required to make informed change.

2.What is the cost?

The cost will be a nominal $20/ month to remain in the group. Should you choose not to continue after your initial thirty days you will be removed from the group but welcome back at any time.

3. If this is based off Whole 30, what does our $20/month actually cover?

We believe that we could easily supply you with a long list of books, PDFs, and websites to read on your own, and let you go off the website available guidelines all on your own, but what fun is that? Rather, between the two us us we have already conducted endless research, read multiple books and references, and conducted self experimentation for a deeper understanding. Therefore, our goal was to take what we have learned, simplify it for you, and create a platform for a fun, dynamic and friendly challenge where we can all continue to grow and learn together, and overcome obstacles and challenges together as well.

4.What is the basis of the initial thirty day challenge?

The initial 30 day challenge will be based on primal/ paleo eating habits. The first 30 days is to detox your body. The idea is to rid the body of foods commonly associated with diseases and other ailments.

5.What is the difference between primal and paleo? The two have many similarities upfront. However, as you rule out certain foods as harmful to your body the primal lifestyle is more flexible.

6.Are you going to provide macronutrients numbers for us to follow?

First, we are not nutritionists or dietitians so food prescription is not what we do. Also paleo and primal both encourage a natural approach to eating making it less stressful and more enjoyable. We will ask that you log food on Facebook only for the purpose of accountability and learning to understand what is going into the body.

7.What cant we eat?

While there is a list of foods that are restricted we want to encourage everyone to dive deep into what new foods they do get to explore. Eating healthy can be fun and amazing. If we focus on what we get it is easier to follow. Focusing on what we can’t have only increases the desire to have it. However, for obvious reasons we will be supplying an off limits list.

8.After my initial 30 days is up do I have to stay so restricted?

No, this is a food elimination process to see how your body responds to certain foods. After the first thirty days we will help you to reintroduce certain foods one at a time to see if your body responds well. Our goal will be to help you determine how flexible you can be while reaching your specific goals for health & body composition.

9.Do we need to be a Powerfit client or training with either of you to participate in the challenge?

No, this is a group for anybody looking to make change in a new way. Feel free to invite anyone you know to join. We feel that many times the gym and exercise could be intimidating to start so helping a friend start to change his/her eating may encourage or provide confidence to get to the gym. 80% of weight loss is nutrition.

10.Is this a weight loss group only?

No, this group is designed to create a healthy relationship with food and achieve optimal health. Weight loss can be an added bonus and may occur at different rates for different individuals.

11. What happens after 30 days?

After 30 days your free to do what you want. We do and will encourage that you re up with the group to continue to learn and achieve optimal health. We will be guiding and encouraging each of you to continually refine your new found way of life. There will be tips on exercise, travel, continued education on sleep stress and so much more. Not to mention a community of individuals fighting the same battles you are to talk to, be open with, and provide mutual support.

12. What about post workout protein or protein drinks in general?

We encourage you to eliminate all protein drinks because it is a form of dairy. We know there are other types of protein but eliminating all powdered protein for the first 30 days is what we encourage for optimal success.

13. How many meals a day will I have to eat?

Just as we said before it is a natural approach. Some like 3, some 4, some 6 it is all about finding what works for you. Eat when your hungry until satiated. You will need to learn to understand satiated versus mentally hungry. In addition, we will provide a set of ‘rule of thumb’ guidelines for plate planning.

14. How do I join? What if I have more questions?

Contact me through my Facebook Page, as the private group will be hosted on Facebook. You can message me there, or send Chaz or me an email.

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