10 Must haves for the Gym Bag

I love that there are so many people hitting the gym these days. They are consistent and they are giving it there all. Whether you have a home gym, frequent a local box gym, go to a personal training boutique, use nature as you gym or a combination of all of the above you must be equipped with the right stuff. This is not a comprehensive list by any means. I think this list could go on for days and may vary by individual preference but a list has to start somewhere.

  1. GYM BAG – this may sound like I am stating the obvious but I think that the first step to having all the must haves for a gym bag is to have a bag. In my years I have used many. I have used the backpack, the duffel, and even the cinch sack. My favorite of them all right now is any bag from Fitmark.
  2. Lacrosse Ball – The lacrosse ball may be the most effective compact tool for your body. It can hit those acute spots that need release to help you perform optimally. I have found so many uses for my Lacrosse Ball it is not even funny. Mobility cannot be overlooked. I love Kelly Starrett’s comprehensive blog on the subject Mobility Wod.
  3. Compact Foam Roller – Your gym may have a foam roller but many of the gyms do not have a roller with quite enough pressure. I personally like the Rumble Roller. It definitely penetrates the deep spots. For those that like a little less pressure The Grid is a great option as well.
  4. Jump Rope – The jump rope is one of the most effective tools for conditioning I have ever used. It is easy to fit in a bag, lightweight and effective. I have the Cross Speed but I also like the speed rope from Again Faster if you want a cheaper version.
  5. Super Bands – I use my super bands for a bunch of things. From resistance band squats and deadlifts, Bench Press, curls, pull-ups, and mainly as a distraction for mobility. They are an investment but one well worth it. I got mine from Rogue Fitness. They are referred to as monster bands on the Rogue site.
  6. Water Bottle – There are many water bottles out there and you will get 100 different answers and opinions on what way is the best. I prefer a bottle from Klean Kanteen. However, you can choose the one that is right for you.
  7. Gym Shoes – This will totally depend on the type of lifting and training you like to do. If you are a runner (running shoes), cross trainer(cross trainer), Olympic lifter (Olympic lifting shoes) and the list goes on. You may have a pair of Vibrams. I have them all. For cross training I have become found of the Reebok Nano 2.0 because I have a wide foot and I like a flat bottomed shoe. Reebok also has a good oly shoe but I wear Adidas.
  8. Tape – Tape is something that I think should be in every bag. I sometimes tape my wrists when I am pressing or when something breaks. I also use athletic tape to tape my lacrosse ball to a bar for subscap mobbing.
  9. Change of Clothes and Deodorant – I think that all gym bags should have a change of clothes and some deodorant. You never know when you may get the urge to workout. You may decide to pull over at a park and but one out. If there is not a shower at least you can mask it for the short term.
  10. Towel – If your gym does not provide a towel service it is common courtesy to wipe up your pile of sweat as you leave the equipment. If you decide like in #9 to whip out a park work out toweling off after a drinking fountain wash off is always a great thing.
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