Parallel Runner

Imagine you are running along the street. You are on a sidewalk…

Uncomfortable in my own skin

Just a few thoughts that came about over the weekend spawned on by a few people who asked me the same question.......I am uncomfortable where I am at and not being content feels like an itchy rash on my skin!


Forgiveness is a word that is often thrown around but seldomly fully practiced. At least in my life I have had difficulty forgiving myself and that is crippling................

In awe of the extraordinary I see.

A little thank you for those that have chosen to take and complete Metamorphosis Boot-camp 2. I am so thankful for your participation and thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet you.......

Who am I? How do we know?

You ever feel like you don't know who you are? You ever feel like you are trying to be who you think you are but are left feeling empty. Knowing who we are is not an easy task. I don't believe I do but here are a few thoughts I have had on where to start to look.

There is no alone in lonely!

I tried to spell the word alone out of the letters from lonely. It does not work. I realize that there is no alone in lonely. We can be lonely but we are never alone.

Which duck are you?

Which duck are you? I am at the park and the ducks are all about. They are eager to get a little of the bread and the food that we have for them. They are waiting anxiously for the treat. All day they have been doing work waiting for the reward and now it is here.

Someone believes in you

Have you ever wanted someone to believe in you so bad you lost sight of those that already did. Are you discouraged and feel that nobody believes in you? If so you need to know that someone believes in you!